Django Developer

at Growth Street in London

(₤50000 - ₤80000 per year)

Are you a “perfectionist with deadlines”? If not then would you like to be one?

What you’ll be working on:
Growth Street is on a mission to deliver better business banking, and a provide a great opportunity for individuals to invest in growing businesses. Our growing product and engineering teams work on a variety of rewarding projects, both customer-facing and for internal teams. You’ll have the opportunity to have an immediate impact upon projects across a variety of areas, including the following.

Borrowing and lending customer experience
We aim to delight our customers with easy to use products that go well beyond their expectations. Our interfaces are designed to be mobile and desktop friendly, and accessible to the wide variety of customers we encounter. Simple and transparent are the underlying goals for every interface a customer needs to use.

Data science
We gather a ton of data, and use it across a variety of business functions. Credit, risk, and fraud management are just the beginning; we’re building one of the largest repositories of SME financial data ever assembled, and we want to put it to use improving everything we do.

Customer insights
One of the most important things we do with data is share it with back with our customers. Our first business insights tool is a free cash flow forecast, and will grow to be a suite of tools which help business owners gain access to more information about how to grow their business successfully than they have ever had before.

Payments systems
Being able to move money quickly, efficiently, and reliably is critical to deliver a great customer experience. Borrowers depend on Growth Street for access to cash when they need it, often for critical, time-sensitive activities like paying salaries or purchasing new stock. We’re integrating with a variety of services which allow us to move money quickly both within the UK, and internationally.

Operational tooling
Our teams are only able to deliver a great experience to customers when they aren’t bogged down in manual operational tasks like data entry and record keeping. We’re building tools to make our teams more effective whenever possible, and integrating with existing providers when there’s a great solution already available.

Platform infrastructure
The systems we build to keep everything running have to be complex, robust, and state of the art. Ensuring that all of the parts are functioning well and efficiently, which includes systems like the matching exchange, loan management system, and the transaction ledger.

The state of the art technology stack you’ll be using:
Growth Street Engineering use the most productive technology staying up to date on the leading-edge not the bleeding-edge. We work mostly in Python 3 developing apps to run on Django 10 with Celery. The database is PostgreSQL and the front-end is developed with a modern JS framework (React, Backbone, D3) with CSS preprocessor (SASS, LESS, Stylus) and NodeJS (gulp, bower). Deployment is to Docker containers on AWS ECS running a micro-service architecture, we are in the process of automated the code pipeline and having all services provisioned with Terraform. We make extensive use of Unit Test, the mock library and Continuous Integration with CircleCI. See our stackshare page (stackshare dot io slash growth hyphen street)

Your typical working week will involve:
A daily SCRUM standup to sync up with your colleagues, talking to Business stakeholders and the Product Manager to understand requirements, Test Driven Development, Peer review of colleagues Pull Requests, Backlog Grooming with design sessions at the whiteboard and Planning Poker task estimation, Sprint Planning, a Sprint Review presenting your achievements to eager business stakeholders, a Sprint Retrospective to self-organise and continuously improve our processes, a private one to one with the Head of Engineering to get coaching or feedback on performance, a company social event such as board games night, a “Brown Bag” lunch with an informative and entertaining presentation from a colleague and every Friday a company-wide standup and review of the week with a vote for the MVP.

How we work:
Our core hours are 9:30 to 5:30, we work regular business hours to stay fresh, focussed and productive. We do not believe in the myth of the heroic lone programmer working all night. We may very occasionally have a deadline to meet or an operational problem that needs resolving but our goal is always to work smarter not longer.

About you
You will need significant work experience developing in Python working in an Agile / SCRUM team. The sort of person who will flourish at Growth Street will share our corporate values and culture. *Be Curious. This mean be interested in other teams and how the business works, find new things that are interesting and useful, push boundaries, look to develop and innovate, ask questions, want to know why not just what. *Be In Sync by being involved with others, listening, being aware of your colleagues, interacting with other teams, taking an interest in your colleagues, being a team player, helping your colleagues, not be afraid to ask them for help, actively sharing information (updating the wiki, knowledge base, slack), not hide mistakes or problems. *Beat Expectations by putting customers first, under-promise and over-deliver, go above and beyond.

Benefits *High specification Mac workstation (or Linux if you prefer) *Contributory pension scheme *Share options *Flexible hours and ability to work remotely *A job so interesting and a team so In Sync that you will look forward to coming in to work every day *Quarterly 360 reviews with goals for self development and progression *Fortnightly one-to-ones with an empathetic line manager who gives coaching and feedback *A budget to buy books, courses or other materials *Support for self-improvement projects outside work *A chance to work fearlessly. Mistakes are not punished, only attempts to cover them up.

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Published at 26 Jan 2017
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