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Aerospace Startups to Watch in 2022

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For any of our astronomically inclined readers, this is the week for you. We’ll admit, we don’t know a whole lot about space, but we do know that aerospace is a popular startup sector. Keep reading to find out about some of the interesting aerospace startups currently on the market.

Voyager Space Holdings

Total Funding: £4M

With Colorado reaching over 14,000 feet in some places, it’s no wonder the state is home to some aerospace startups: they’re almost in space already! This company specialises in space exploration technology, in part by providing a marketplace to buy and sell intellectual property in aerospace developments.

Space X

Total funding: £6.04B

We couldn’t do a newsletter without mentioning it because Elon Musk loves to talk about taking things ‘to the moon’, cryptocurrency and rockets alike. For those who don’t know, this startup aims to make space vacations a reality, but this might be a bit further into the distant future. Fun fact: they’re the first company to send astronauts to space in a recycled rocket.


Total funding: £1.7M

A startup with the aim to make stargazing more accessible to those interested in, but intimidated by astronomy. They have smart telescopes that connect to an app to help even the most novice space explorers see what's out there in our big, wide universe. Powered by Amazon Web Services, this startup is almost guaranteed to go to some pretty sky high places!

Relativity Space

Total Funding: £1.02B

Ever dreamed of sending a 3D-printed, autonomous rocket into space? Well look no further. This startup, founded in 2015, can get your own personal rocket built and launched within 60-days. Sadly, this service comes with a hefty price tag of $12 million, so maybe your rocket dreams will need to wait.


Total Funding: £166.5M

This startup creates robots (!) for space (!!!) - I won’t listen to anyone who tells me we’re not already living in the future. They call themselves ‘The Moon Company’ because their technology is designed for lunar and planetary exploration. Visit their website to read about their current missions.

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