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Recycling and Startups

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Tony Soprano, and startups, might actually have more in common than you think. Can you guess the common link? Waste management! Albeit, the exact details of how both go about their business might vary slightly. So, what waste management startups are killing the game right now?

Goodr is a US based startup tackling food waste. It’s a sustainable surplus food management platform that utilises technology to reduce food waste as well as combat hunger. They’ve served 30 million meals to those in need, and prevented 3 million pounds (that’s 1360000 kgs for us metric system folk) of food being dumped. No more Gabagool going to waste!

Then we’ve got Recycling Technologies, a UK based startup in waste management and engineering processes which helps customers achieve financial gains from waste. Their mission is “to make plastic more sustainable through innovation, technology and determination”. Thus, not only are they tackling waste but they’re providing an economic incentive for businesses too. This could potentially promote more eco-friendly practices for businesses who haven't implemented sufficient ESG policy yet.

Lastly, Bali-based Gringgo is a recycling mobile app dubbed ‘the Uber for trash’. It tackles a market that produces the second largest amount of ocean plastic, and could be a catalyst for similar initiatives for other waste management startups through their unique app approach.

And that concludes this week’s newsletter! Which one do you think Paulie would approve of?

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