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Irish and Eco Startups for Green Week

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Lizzy Higgins

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We are celebrating both St Patrick’s Day & Global Recycling Day this week, hence would like to call out some of the green startups we have been working with - both the Irish ones as well as the environmental ones: 



This company doesn’t believe in waste, rather “materials in the wrong place”. They help companies to revolutionise their waste sorting with the use of AI and computer automation.

The Cool Cooperation

A company committed to creating value from CO2, The Cool Cooperation up-cycles carbon for use in materials for construction, aerospace and more.

Conscious Co

A startup for both the Irish and the environment: eco friendly gin! Conscious Co focusses on zero-waste, zero-single-use and optimal flavour.


SoapBox Labs

Speech recognition for kids? Talk about technologically advanced. This company helps creators build speech-related AI for voice-activated experiences for kids.


A company with the aim to provide efficient and reliable home care services to those in need, regardless of age, income or location.


This one is for my ladies reading - sustainable underwear! Sustainable materials, quality made to feel good and last forever, what’s not to love?

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