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The Weird and Wonderful World of Startups

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If you’re a startup enthusiast, you’re well aware that the startup world can be a strange but interesting place. In a sector where everyone is looking for that life-changing gap in the market, some bizarre businesses are bound to appear. We love to celebrate weird and wonderful startups here at Work in Startups, because they are part of what makes our business so great. Today we’re going to share some of our favourites with you to celebrate the uniqueness of our line of work.

Wakie - I, for one, struggle to wake up in the morning. There’s all kinds of solutions for this, but I’ve never heard of one quite like this before. This app has created a person-person alarm clock, where you set a wake-up time, and a random stranger will call you to make sure you’re awake. Calls can last a maximum of 10 minutes, so you can have a friendly chat to start your day, say goodbye, and start the process all over again with another stranger the next morning.

Reef Balls - an uninspiring name for an incredibly inspiring startup. After seeing coral reef degradation first hand, the founder of this startup developed a concrete ball structure that has now been placed in oceans in over 70 countries globally to promote coral growth. This startup took a turn when the founder's father mentioned that he wanted his ashes put in a ‘Reef Ball’. The startup has since been offering ‘Reef Ball Urns’, so now anyone can contribute to the conservation efforts, and spend eternity in a coral reef.

HorseCom - now I can’t say I’m an equestrian, so maybe I’m alone here, but I’ve also never thought a horse would need headphones? Regardless, this startup offers headphones for horses that can play relaxing music, as well as being connected to a mic helmet for riders, so commands can be heard more easily. There really is something for everyone out there.

I Do, Now I Don’t - I chose this one mostly for the name. Sometimes inspiration strikes in the darkest of times, which is what happened to this startup founder when he had to return the ring he bought for his ex-fiance, and was offered $3,500 on the original $10,000. Hence the development of a marketplace for fine jewellery to ensure sellers receive a fair price for the gems they are selling, and buyers get a discount!

Bird Control Group - bird lasers. That’s right, you heard me the first time. This startup has created a laser system, designed to un-nerve birds and keep them away from your property. Whether it’s to protect a small dog, pond fish, or yourself, bird lasers are certainly very unique, and very startup-ish. The future is now people!

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