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Startups vs Climate Change

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Some people loved the hot weather at this beginning of the week; others hated it. I, for one, am glad the heat has finally ceased. One thing that everyone can agree on is, in true British form, we cannot stop talking about how hot the weather was. We’re no exception to the rule; we’re only human! Unfortunately, we can’t ignore the root cause of the hottest days our country has ever experienced - climate change. We love supporting any startups who aim to help the environment, boost sustainability, and attempt to reverse climate change. Today, we want to take a look at some of these startups and the innovative ways they’re trying to save our world.


The Tree App

Location - London, Greater London

A personal favourite of mine - I can save the environment for free? Sign me up. This company has created an app that allows its users to choose where to plant one tree every day to fight deforestation. It takes less than a minute to do so, and you can choose to plant a tree at a number of different locations around the globe where there are current planting activities. The planting is funded by sustainable sponsors who advertise on the app. All in all, it’s a big happy family of companies who love the environment and want to make a difference with your help.



Location - Leeds, Yorkshire

One of the biggest contributors to the pumping out of harmful greenhouse gasses is the road freight industry. Brexit and COVID both showed us how important lorries are in order for us to get our essentials, so it’s not like we can just go without them. Luckily, this startup is creating tech to turn existing diesel freight vehicles into electric vehicles, making them emission-less and noiseless. Added bonus is that it fits very well in line with the eco-friendly reduce, reuse, recycle tagline!


Better Dairy

Location - London, Greater London

Many people aren’t aware of the huge impact animal farming has on the environment, and the vegan lifestyle can be about more than ethics! Dairy farming alone emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2-equivalent gases into the atmosphere each year, and this number is on the rise as demand increases. Better Dairy is combating this climate issue one milk bottle at a time by removing animals from the process entirely. Read their website for more info because I’ll be honest, I have no idea how to make milk without a cow


Location - Bristol, UK

Another startup that gives you the capability to tackle climate change at your fingertips. It has been dubbed ‘Netflix for the plant’ by some because, well, that’s exactly what it’s like! You pay a monthly fee to compensate for your individual carbon footprint, however big or small that may be. This money is used to fund climate projects including sustainable energy sources and tree planting. You can even set yourself some eco-goals to motivate yourself to go even further in your fight for the planet! The perfect way to get rid of any carbon footprint guilt.


That’s all we have time for today but we would love to hear from, or about, any environmental startups out there, whether their focus is climate change or something else. Let’s save our planet and the 30+ degree weather for when we’re on holiday at the beach at the same time, shall we?

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