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Non-Alcoholic Startups for Summer

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You may or may not know that the 24th of July was National Tequila Day. While tequila drinking may be fun, a hangover is definitely not. Alcohol-free business is booming in the startup world and it’s not surprising. Not only are alcohol-free drinks better for your health, they’re also better for the environment - talk about a two for one! With summer well underway this year, BBQs and parties are aplenty, and we thought you might need some recommendations for non-alcoholic drinks to bring to your next gathering. Out with the old boring drinks, in with the new exciting drinks created by startups. Keep reading to discover new startups who have made fun alcohol alternatives for you to enjoy this summer.


Pentire - UK Based

This company makes ‘natural distilled coastal botanicals’ on the coast of Cornwall, one of England’s most beautiful seaside destinations. Their non-alcoholic creations were made in collaboration with local botanists and distillers for the ultimate flavour. They also pride themselves on sustainability and offer free next-day carbon offset delivery to support this!


Athletic Brewing Co. - US Based

If beer is more your thing, this startup has some exciting brews for you. Founded only 5 short years ago, this startup has raised an amazing $140.45 million to date. Despite being US based, their unique non-alcoholic beers and IPAs are also sold in the UK so you can get your hands on some of their unique goods.


Days - UK Based

This Scottish startup is providing us with even more alcohol-free beer options - however will we choose? They use locally grown malt barley for their brews and are very committed to using local ingredients because of their proud Scottish heritage. In their own words, they offer ‘great taste, great flavour, great times, zero downsides’. What’s not to love?

Le Petit Béret - EU Based

The name couldn’t really get more French, so it’s unsuprising that this startup makes non-alcoholic wine. Not only is the wine they produce alcohol free, it is also low sugar and made from pesticide-free grapes. The lack of pesticides in their process is hugely beneficial for the environment by preventing soil, water and other vegetation being contaminated by these chemicals.


We hope your summer is filled with BBQs, parties, and lots of delicious non-alcoholic beverages to keep away those evil hangovers, and be a little more eco-friendly. Feel free to send us any alcohol-alternative startups you think we missed out, we’d love to hear about them!

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