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Celebrating Women in Sports Tech Startups

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Our victorious Lionesses can hold their heads high this week (and forever!) for finally bringing the European Championship trophy home to England for the first time since 1966. We have loved seeing the startup community, and beyond, come together in support of the sportswomen who are literally paving the way for women in typically male dominated industries. In the startup world, the sports tech sector is among these male dominated industries. However, today we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some sports tech startups with female founders and/or CEOs. Keep reading to find out more about these startups and the women who run them


The GIST - Jacie DeHoop, Ellen Hyslop and Roslyn McLarty; Co-Founders

This sports media startup allows you to get the ‘gist’ of what’s going on in the sporting world in less than 5 minutes, with 4x weekly updates. See why it’s called ‘The GIST’ now?! This innovative idea was born when the three co-founders wanted to make sports media more accessible to casual fans and female fans, who often struggled to resonate with traditional sports media.


Brizi - Anna Hu, Co-Founder and CEO

This startup and its founders are pioneers in ‘audience controlled camera experiences’, and want to revolutionise the way fan engagement experiences are currently handled. Their software is used by a number of sports organisations, including the US Open and the Philadelphia 76ers, to bring the future of sports fan engagement. Their female co-founder and CEO, Anna Hu, has made both the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and was awarded Ascend Innovator of the Year in 2020.


The Zone - Janaya Reid; Co-Founder and VP of Product

The founders of this app believe that when athletes feel their best mentally, they perform their best physically. They saw a gap in the market for a piece of technology that can help coaches and their athletes to look after their mental wellbeing alongside traditional physical coaching. Their app has been designed to support athletes ‘from their pocket’ in their mental wellness to help them feel and perform at their best. Their female co-founder has an impressive UX/UI history as well as a STEM MBA.


ProDay - Sarah Kunst; Founder and CEO

Personal training can be expensive, making the achievement of fitness goals seem out of reach for many. This lack of accessibility inspired former Apple employee Sarah Kunst to develop a subscription based workout app. Users can workout ‘alongside’ some of their favourite athletes and fitness celebrities in prerecorded workouts. The app is now used by thousands, and backed by some famous sports teams such as the MLB’s LA Dodgers.


That’s all we have time for today but we’d love to hear from you about any more female founded sports startups that you think could be added to this list. We’d like to say a final congratulations to the Lionesses on their victory this past weekend - here’s to the future of women in sports and sports tech!

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