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Discover Flow - The App That Helps You Find the Perfect Workspace

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For many of us, the pandemic changed everything about how we live, work and play. Thanks to hybrid and remote work policies, more people than ever are experiencing the freedoms and benefits of a more autonomous and flexible work/life schedule. Having said that, finding balance while working from home can be a bit of a challenge. Enter Flow.  

Flow was founded during the pandemic when co-founders Mark and James realized that working from home all the time was slowly killing their vibe. Whilst they valued the newfound freedom that came with remote work, they also felt the need to boost their mental and physical well-being by getting out of their London apartments. Only, they couldn’t find or access places nearby that would provide the right environment at the right time. They knew these places were out there - they just didn’t know where and more importantly, didn’t want to commit to a membership.

If remote work is our newfound freedom, access is the superpower we all need.

That’s why they built Flow - to give founders, freelancers, and remote workers on-demand access to the best co-working spaces, fitness studios, and health spas through 1-click entry and flexible pay-as-you-go pricing. With just a few taps, the app finds nearby available locations in real-time. The best part is that you can pay on a check-in/check-out basis by the minute or the day. No memberships. No bookings. No commitments. Click here to see how it works.

In a world where we can work from anywhere, Flow wants to help you belong everywhere. Now available at over 100 locations in London, this intuitive app has helped thousands of users find their Flow by changing the way they interact with surrounding spaces. Flow checkpoints can be found across London with providers like Uncommon, Second Home, Work Life, Huckletree, Digme, City Athletic, Nordic Balance and more. All Flow partners can be easily found using the in-app map function showcasing all available co-working, gym or wellness spaces near you.

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