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Co-founder & CTO
at BizNest

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  • London
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ℹī¸ About the Project:
Our vision is to empower more entrepreneurs to create viable businesses, enabling them to work on something they are passionate about whilst having a positive impact on the world.
The biggest reason startups fail is because their business model is unviable, and despite the plethora of online resources for startups, they do little to help solve this problem.

Enter - BizNest. 

We're on a mission to solve this problem by creating an online platform where founders can validate new business ideas in one central location. This is achieved by combining an innovation workflow (SaaS) with a Marketplace to provide bespoke support to entrepreneurs.
Essentially, we are replicating the main benefits offered by a business incubator but online.

The SaaS element will require you to have some working knowledge of Lean Startup and/or Customer Development. If these things mean nothing to you then this role is not for you, sorry! 

đŸ‘Ĩ About the Team: 
đŸ‡Ŧ🇧 Mark 
(CEO / Business Development / Finance)
Based in London, England.
I have 8 years experience in project management, strategic partnerships and business development.
I helped the last company I worked with grow from £25m to a £430m acquisition in 3 years.
I'm a big-hearted chap who enjoys travel, hiking, tennis and entrepreneurship.

🇷🇴 Lavinius  
(CPO / Product Management / Marketing)
Based in London, England. 
A product manager who fixates on the 'why' before executing the 'how and the 'what'.
I have founded several businesses, one of which recently got listed on the Romanian stock exchange.
We also have 2 junior developers and a technical advisor who are helping to build the MVP. This is being done with Google Firebase + React JS.

📈 Progress so far:
To date, we have undertaken extensive research and validation of this problem including:
  • Testing 2 prototypes
  • Taken several payments to demonstrate proof of concept
  • Over 100 organic sign ups via the landing page 
  • Over 40 customer interviews
The feedback from the most recent prototype has been positive, so we are now moving from prototype to MVP stage, and also beginning to ramp up marketing operations.
We also have 2 junior developers and a technical advisor who are helping to build the MVP. This is being done with Google Firebase + React JS.
🤩 Who we’re looking for:
Along with being a talented developer, we are also looking for someone who intimately understands the problem we aim to solve. This will entail having direct experience working with accelerators and/or attempting to build multiple startups in a founding position. 

This position will give someone a lot of flexibility to choose their preferred tech stack to create the MVP. If desired, there is scope to move into a managerial position and appoint a dev team after raising an angel round. 

Essential Skills

  • Hands on full-stack software development for building a bespoke MVP (Currently we are building Firebase backend with React frontend) 
  • Previous experience working with startups / building things OR working in a startup accelerator environment 
  • Experience building out and managing development teams 
  • Motivation, capacity and skill set to be a key member of a founding team and help to grow a business to £200m + valuation


  • Ability to own the product - develop and manage the roadmap, user storeis, backlog etc... 
  • Experience creating SaaS or Marketplace products 
  • Experience or interest in gamification 
  • Design-led with a good eye for UX. Ability to empaphise with the customer. 

This project is truly collaborative and you will get a significant equity stake in the business, along with a lot of control in helping us to steer the direction of the company. 

Thanks for reading!

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