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Seeking Recruitment or HR professionals!

As there are already many who have lost their jobs and potentially many more with the furlough scheme nearing an end, we’ve just started a support group to help people deal with the current UK job climate. The idea is to help people with tips and tricks on source jobs, changing their career, how-to video interview, working remotely, etc.

We are looking to provide assistance through curated content, Q&A for job-related questions that are troubling them, and networking within the group itself. We are looking to create a real community vibe so people are comfortable in being open. As this is more of a passion project, we are hoping the community will eventually be fairly easy to maintain as we ingrain the structure and culture from the start. However, due to the obvious, we foresee a potential increase in the need for support over the next few months.

So we are hoping to connect with any HR/Recruitment professionals who would be interested in helping us to support the people within the group. Using your knowledge to answer specific questions people may have, providing an expert opinion on subjects, or even helping with content if you’d like. We are looking to work with a number of professionals to reduce the workload required. So you can help as much or as little as you like.

As we are not doing this to generate revenue, we would be looking for anyone who is interested in getting involved to be happy to do the same. This is more of an opportunity for you to be able to use your knowledge to really help some people in their time of need. You never know, you may also find some other value in being connected with such a group.

If this sounds like it could be of interest, get in touch as it would be great to have a chat.

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