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Cofounder designer
at Shist

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Hi there.

In the past I ran my own product studio helping startups go from an MVP to, what I call, an MCP (most competitive product) before switching to a full time VP product role at a fast growing startup... Now I am looking to start again with the product lab and I am looking for an artsy-techy cofounder!

What I bring?

I switch from product to brand and communication strategy (I am even writing a book about it). I still have all the product lifecycle stack from planificación to launch! And I am used to project manager and client relations. Actually, sales was part of my job -directly or indirectly- so if you’re an introvert don’t worry, even sales and presentation skills are going to be helpful.

What I am looking for?

For me a great digital product is the combination between UX-UI with core branding principales, because without this second one all products look the same... (how many blue-logo white-background SaaS companies do you know?).

I am looking for an experienced designer focused on UI and product principles. The ideal cofounder will understand design thinking, owns some product design background ( or is highly interested), and understands and use technologies like Figma, XD and webflow. (If you have been a freelancer will be a great plus).

Basically, an artsy-techy designer :)

The opportunity:
The studio will be a go-to-place for product innovation.

We will look to improve products, for example, there are many SaaS companies that launched in early 2005 that are losing market-share due to new-gen SaaS companies. Even some of them are close to get obsolete. So the first generation startups will be a great point to start.

Then new startups that don’t have the in-house team or experienced product managers, serving as an intersection between in-house and outsource. What do you think about CPO-as-a-service?

The studio is on ideation stage as I am looking to mix both mindsets so we will feel both comfortable with services, structure and pricing... Even naming and brand style. I still have all of those from my past studio so maybe we can use them...

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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