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At MetaMerge, we split our time between offering outsourcing solutions in software development (, and pursing in-house projects. Ultimately, we are fascinated by the modern world and are keen to push the frontier. 

We have a presence in London & Hanoi (currently covid-free!), and work fully remote. Currently, our management team consists of Ian & Khanh. Ian focuses on research & development. Khanh focuses on project management, and overseeing our developers. We have various on-going projects, and are eager to improve our processes for higher quality output, and greater client satisfaction. 

We are seeking a co-founder who is interested in contributing to our in-house R&D, and developing our outsourcing business. Our ideal candidate has a solid level of STEM knowledge and is highly curious and fastidious about the truth. And since our revenue is contract and project based, the commitment to this role is flexible. In other words, you get out what you put in.

Contributing to our in-house R&D
We are nerds without boundaries. Our interests are ever-evolving and currently include Fundamental Physics, Geographic Information Systems, Blockchain Governance, and Neuromorphic Computing. We research areas with the aim of contributing software to the community, and taking on projects in interest areas. We are looking for someone would enjoy scheduled, on-going discussions in ‘STEM frontier’ topics.

Developing our outsourcing business
Our outsourcing branch is based in Hanoi. We have a large pool of skilled, experienced engineers available for projects. One of our current challenges is in client-engineer communication, since there is a language barrier. We have means of overcoming this, however, we are eager to improve our process so that we minimise unnecessary project manager interjection, whilst maintaining exceptional client satisfaction.

We consider ourselves to be open-minded, and have lives outside of work which we cherish (and we would hope the same for you!). We don’t follow the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra. Instead, we believe in working smart, and staying humble, happy and hungry!

If you feel like this of interest, please send me a short description explaining why, and if all is well, we can schedule a chat.

Thanks for reading 😁

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