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CEO & Co-Founder at B2B Mental Health SaaS

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  • London
  • freelance
  • ₤50 per year

An employee wellness perk that connects employees with the tools and knowledge they need to treat their mental health in a preventative way, not once they're in crisis.


We want to reimagine what the future of remote work looks like and help companies intergrate this into their culture right at the turn of the remote revolution. Using global economies this will be a low-mid cost product looking to serve early/growth stage VC backed tech start-ups, specifically entry/mid level team members.  

I've got the business model fairly well worked out, although this is going through constant iterations based on testing/feedback. I have operational, finance, strategy and growth in my skillset however I now need somebody to help build the brand, sell the dream and generally help me get shit done. I consider myself a polymath so will do my best to learn the basics of everything and get involved however know there can be no substitute for specific expertise and experience. 


I'd really like to connect with somebody:
- Aligned with the core mission of helping people over profit (although obviously we'll aim to make profit)

- Has skills in the repetoir that I do not - this is really important. Cross-over is fine but we need to compliment eachother overall.

- Wants to be an equal partner. That being said, I'm not a "limelight" person so happy for CEO to be the company figure-head if they choose.


We're currently at the point where we're ready to launch the first pilot programme, which we'll then test and continue to improve before getting some funding, soft-launch then full launch. (I have multiple Angel investor contacts to reach out to for when we're at that stage).

We've got experience building products, a plan of action to move forward and an incredible array of advisers/NED's that are kindly giving their knowledge throughout although would be glad to get on a call and hear your insight about the direction of this as well. A sum of the parts approach is always preferred. 

This is obviously equity only to begin with but salary is part of the financial model for when we've raised angel funds. 

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