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    Breaking The Law

    LawAdvisor was founded in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia with a fearless and ambitious belief: that everybody should have access to justice.

    We hypothesised that the high costs, inefficiencies, and difficulties of obtaining legal help could be overcome simply by providing greater access to legal information, and by providing everybody with real-time access to high-quality, affordable lawyers online.

    Our mission has since been supported by thousands of lawyers and has allowed us to expand and set up offices across the globe.  We've also attracted high profile investors and partners who have shared our mission to transform legal service delivery.

    We're still not satisfied. The potential exists to completely revolutionise the practice of law. The start of this decade has delivered LawAdvisor with a new mandate: to overhaul and transform how lawyers work, and how people interact with and consume legal services, with state of the art legal practise management technology to (i) increase efficiencies; (ii) automate routine processes; (iii) increase transparency; (iv) bring the legal practice to the 21st century.

    We Need… 

    Solutionist (noun) : a solver of problems 

    A Senior DevOps Engineer understands that complex, challenging projects are only able to come to fruition if they are being pushed forward by an effectively operating team. A problem solver at heart, they live for seemingly insurmountable obstacles and unsolved problems and have a fervent desire to help move us towards a refined and mature product. 

    What you do isn’t new to you; throughout the years, you’ve gained experience, learned valuable lessons and developed an extensive toolkit for you to exploit. Now, more than ever, you deeply understand the culture, importance, and benefits that DevOps can provide, and even consider yourself an advocate as you stress the importance of how it eases the path to creating revolutionary products. Therefore, when drawing upon the array of skills, tools, and knowledge accessible to you, you can carefully analyse and innovate upon current processes to snowball our team’s quality and efficiency. Further, you’re quick to adapt and can be thrown into familiar yet refreshing environments and situations as you help manage, upskill, and work alongside our ever-expanding cross-functional team. 

    You Will… 

    • Exhaust your resources: a deep toolbelt and understanding of our services empowers you to create tools and solutions for automation, monitoring, and overall improvements to continue creating high-quality, ceaseless work. 
    • Advise and enlighten: you’ll use your knowledge, experience, and tools to mentor and lead the next generation of our team to become their best while they build the best. 
    • Product optimisation: you’ll work hand-in-hand with our engineering and quality assurance team to heighten our product reliability and performance of both production and non-production systems. 
    • Be ubiquitous: you get involved everywhere including: (i) monitoring; (ii) data collection and configuration; (iii) disaster recovery planning; (iv) systems architecture; (v) capacity and performance engineering; (vi) reliability improvement initiatives; and (vii) general platform automation.
    • Propose and contribute to new approaches and solutions to ensure we future-proof LawAdvisor’s infrastructure for efficiency and effectiveness as we continue to scale globally. 
    • Continuously think of and build new solutions to help us efficiently and effectively manage LawAdvisor services. 

    You Should Have… 

    • 5+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer, Release Manager, or equivalent experience in software development engineering. 
    • An intimate understanding and applicable knowledge of SaaS and software development. 
    • An adept understanding and experience scripting (e.g. Python, Bash, etc). We wouldn’t want you to be stuck doing tedious, repetitive tasks. 
    • Strong communication both verbal and written: you’ll be one of our central hubs of communication used to synthesize the work conducted between our cross-functional team. 
    • An enterprising mindset: your visionary and innovative approach to solving problems can enable us to overcome any obstacle in our path. 
    • An expertise in monitoring distributed systems application architecture. 
    • Hands-on experience with cloud infrastructure products (e.g. AWS). 
    • Hands-on experience using Docker. 
    • Mastery using Kubernetes. 
    • The ability to steer the development of our team members and continuously bring forward news ideas to help us collaborate, learn and share. 

    Bonus Points… 

    • Experience with service monitoring solutions. 
    • An understanding of ITIL terminology for both incident and problem management. 
    • You’re continually educating yourself through awareness and insight into new and developing industry trends (technology, methods, and tools). 
    • Experience with managing and troubleshooting a continuous integration pipeline. 
    • Previous experience in a startup environment.
    • Experience working with a remote team.
    • Experience working in the legal services industry.

    We’ll Offer…

    • A highly-skilled, driven and dedicated team.
    • Competitive salary: we strive to always provide industry market rates. 
    • Remote work opportunities: our team is distributed across the globe and we enjoy the flexibility of working remotely when possible.
    • Continuous learning and development: whether by way of conferences, online courses, or further study, we’re here to support your personal and professional growth. 
    • Company retreats: While Zoom and Slack is our operating system, our company retreats allow us to create long-lasting bonds with each other and to feel human.
    • A direct line with our key users, and influential high-level stakeholders (investors, advisors, and other relevant members) to use as and when needed.

    Our Values…

    • 🏆 Win and grow together: strive to become the best in your field and always seek growth opportunities. You are not afraid of challenges or afraid to fail because you have a growth mindset.
    • 👊 Nothing is too small: you’re never too big to do the smallest things.
    • 💎 Pressure makes diamonds: as a team, we train to win. You are not scared of pressure and embrace challenges and never lose your resolve.
    • 📈 Continuous improvement: as a leader in the legal technology space, we will continue pushing through the boundaries to create breakthrough legal products.
    • 🤝 Teamwork makes the dream work: we don’t concern ourselves with office politics. There are plenty of opportunities to earn, learn, grow and succeed together.
    • 🌐 No Oompa Loompas: although we're united with a strong vision and working towards shared goals, we encourage you to be yourself. Our team is diverse, and that is how we are able to continue to think outside the box and come up with the most creative solutions to entrenched problems.
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