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VP Product - InvestTech at Vauban

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  • London
  • fulltime

#  Who we are

One of the most impactful human inventions ever is the legal entity (called “vehicle”). It allows people to pool and deploy capital, to innovate, to fundraise - all in a structured and risk-limited way. 

Everything is in a vehicle: The building you're in, the bridge you drove by earlier this year, the software you're using to read this job ad, the Apple logo on the back of your computer.

These vehicles have remained in the past: It's literally paper certificates and wax seals.

At Vauban, we are engineering the vehicle of the future: the Wealth Container™

Vauban is on a mission to bring great user experience to investment servicing by enabling some of the most exciting Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Fund, and even Fine Arts & Wine Fund Investors to launch and administer their alternative investment funds from a laptop.

Over 100 Wealth Containers, totaling over $200m have been invested through Wealth Containers, including into some of the coolest companies all across the world. We are not stopping there - our ambitious plans include becoming the standard for vehicles across the world, the AWS of private assets.

Therefore, by joining us, you will be part of an exceptional team at a booming early-stage venture. Every team member directly contributes to our goal of engineering the investment vehicles of the future, and you will be no different! 

#  How we work

We have a simple philosophy – we live, breathe, and lead by 4 key values:

  • Courage - We undertake stark missions and bold strategic moves that most find crazy and we fight courageously to make them happen. 
  • Pioneer - Traditional players in our industry offer one of the most crappy user experiences of all industries, because it is full of assumptions used as excuses to remain in the past. These assumptions come from an age where computers were not available and where professional services were used by very few. We think from first principles and debunk myths at Vauban, doing things in a way that has never been done before, one that is suited for our digital age and for scaling to millions of users.
  • Polymath - Vauban is an end-to-end product, each of our containers has a lot of expertise behind it: engineering, legal, finance and design. But it's perfectly integrated. This is because we have no divisions: everyone has an interest in what the other is doing. If you often find yourself searching about various different stuff online to constantly learn new things, you are at home at Vauban.
  • 110% - We work hard and smart. We believe in the concept of scale down to the smallest level, where adding a little more productivity at the micro-level can build towards extraordinary outcomes.

# Who you are

You are a product person with a ton of energy and a passion for digital interfaces. You love making products that make very complex concepts so simple that your parents could understand them. You are religiously data-led and use it to define success and reiterate. You are obsessed with user interfaces and experience, you cannot use a digital product without thinking about how it could have been simpler. You love beautiful design. You embrace scale and find it rewarding to create something that millions of users can understand without any explanations.

# What you’ll be doing:

  • Transform complex and clunky processes into simple, beautiful self-service products
  • Retrieve information from user interviews and user data to define features and contribute to the overall direction of the product
  • Design and tests user flows
  • Work closely with the business teams, tech team, and other stakeholders to deliver delightful features on time
  • Report directly to the CEO 

# You will definitely need:

  • 4+ years of product experience transforming complex concepts into simple products, ideally in the fintech space
  • A strong interest in digitising investment vehicles
  • An obsession for true simplicity: The kind that only comes after you mastered complexity
  • An action drive: You know how to ship products through prioritisation and tradeoff 
  • The team-player gene
  • Tech-Savviness 

# Bonus points:

  • Knowledge of our industry, more specifically how investment vehicles are created and administered
  • Knowledge of our audience, more specifically VC, PE and Real Estate investment managers

# What we can offer you:

  • Opportunity to be the first product person onboard the rocket, and work directly with the C-Suite to create the Wealth Containers of the future
  • Interact daily with the most talented fund managers & venture capitalists in the world
  • Weekly Team breakfast
  • Book subscriptions 
  • Cycle to Work scheme
  • Office in the City of London
  • Team gaming nights / dinners / parties (When that's an option)
  • Competitive salary + bonus
  • Equity (OT)

# About Vauban

Vauban was founded by Rémy Astie and Ulric Musset with a passion to democratise investment - by making it as simple and pain-free as how shipping containers changed the way international shipping worked (Read more here). Wealth Containers was the logical next step in that evolution. Since building their very first Wealth Container, they have changed the way that over 3,000 investors have accessed alternative investments.

We have been backed by key partners such as Kima Ventures, West Loop Ventures, United First Partners, and Pi Labs. Vauban is headquartered in London, and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 825317).

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