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Senior Web Developer at Find Others

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    Please provide a short cover letter explaining why you feel you are right for the role. CV's without a personalised cover letter will not be considered.


    If you’re not familiar with Find Others yet, that’s understandable as we’re a very young company built by a proven team of talented people in their respective fields … And you shouldn’t come and work with us.

    Find Others is recruiting, and it’s probably not for you. In fact, you probably shouldn’t read any further …

    Seriously, you won’t like it …

    Ok, well, seeing as you’re still here I guess we’ll tell you about the roles we have on offer, but you probably won’t be interested anyway …

    If curiosity is getting the better of you, then you can see the job spec at the bottom of this post.

    Why you shouldn’t work for us …

    • We’re annoyingly friendly
    • We’re irritatingly trusting
    • We’re working on the most exciting emerging technology, in a growth sector, which can potentially change the lives of millions of people around the world … which is sooooo boring

    What you don’t get when working for Find Others

    • Unfortunately, we can only provide you with a well-specced Mac instead of the nice nine-year-old IBM Touchpad you’d obviously prefer.
    • You get to work with modern technologies like VueJS, SCSS, Babel, Webpack, ES6, Jest,, Django, and Google App Engine. We know what you’re thinking; why can’t we just go back to good old tables?
    • You will be included in all aspects of planning and strategy for the product instead of living in the wonderful comfort zone of being kept in the dark and fed your workload. You actually have to help shape this product; which is ridiculous, we know.

    The ideal candidate … as if it matters …

    If for whatever reason, you’re still considering applying to work with us, this is what we’re looking for:

    • Passion — Urgh!
    • Autonomy — Blurgh!
    • Self-motivation — Jeez!
    • Ability to demonstrate your skills — OK, Boomer!
    • A champion of accessibility, user experience, and security — Yawn!

    I cannot believe you’re still reading this.

    Well, we clearly can’t get rid of you, so I guess that means you’re mad enough to be interested in working for Find Others and joining our irritatingly exciting team.

    If you are that mad, then you should email us the following:

    • Your CV
    • Your cover letter — Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you think you’d be a good fit for Find Others and detail your availability.
    • Any links to examples of your work.

    If you’re unlucky enough to be selected for an interview …

    • We’ll sit down and try to get to know you as a person, so expect us to get all up in your business.
    • We’d also like to get a demonstration of your skills so we may set you a brief task.

    All jokes aside

    If you can read between the lines and see the humour in the above, then you’re the type of person we want to talk to. We hope you’re as excited to meet us as we are you.

    Job Spec

    Technology at Find Others

    At Find Others, our primary tech stack includes a Django back end application, exposing REST APIs to a Vue.js front end.

    The back end application is hosted using Google Cloud, specifically App Engine, and uses a PostgreSQL database. We use automated testing and continuous delivery to release new versions of the system.

    Our Vue.js front end utilises Vuex, SCSS, Babel, Webpack, ES6, Jest, and other industry-standard software to create a performant system and an easy to work with development environment.

    We consider accessibility, user experience and security vital to the success of our system and each team member is expected to hold these values close at all times when working on the existing system or new functionality. 

    The Ideal Candidate

    Find Others is looking for a passionate and motivated developer who can either demonstrate an understanding of Django or Vue.js (ideally both). 

    The ideal candidate will be able to work well with a team and should be able to showcase this via a portfolio of projects and/or contributions to open-source projects, freelance work, or equivalent.

    Required Skills

    • Knowledge and experience building either Django or Vue.js projects.
    • Experience using relational database systems.
    • Experience writing unit, integration and end-to-end tests.
    • Experience with version control systems, such as Git.
    • Experience with Cloud providers, such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure.
    • Experience and knowledge of REST APIs.
    • Experience building for the web: HTML and CSS.
    • Reviewing development work with a critical eye.
    • Ability to use the terminal/command-line.

    Additional Skills

    In addition to the above, the perfect candidate ideally have some or all of the following skills;

    • Experience building both Django and Vue.js projects.
    • State management libraries, such as Vuex or Redux.
    • CSS preprocessors such as LESS or SASS.
    • Experience with Unix based systems such as macOS or Linux.
    • Experience with CI pipelines, such as Gitlab CI or GitHub Actions.
    • Experience with Docker containers.
    • Experience with security scanning tools, such as w3af or OWASP ZAP.
    • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools, such as Terraform.
    • An understanding of agile methodologies, such as scrum.
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