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Full-stack Engineer at Causal

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  • Remote
  • fulltime
  • ₤40000 - ₤80000 per year
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  • We're looking for a full-stack engineer to accelerate our product development. As one of our first hires, you'll play a significant role in setting the direction of Causal's product, company, and culture.

    Our product primarily consists of a web UI on the frontend and a computation engine on the backend. Causal needs a low floor and a high ceiling — it should be simple enough for anyone to get started with, but powerful enough for really complex use-cases.

    Performance is paramount on both the frontend and backend.

    What you'll work on:

    • Our core backend computation engine that performs the calculations behind Causal models — the challenge is to show the user instant results when possible and run complex operations (Monte-Carlo simulation, API calls) on the backend.
    • Our spreadsheet-esque frontend interface for building models. This comes with a slew of UI/UX challenges to support complex functionality without being complicated, and needs to be incredibly performant.
    • Our dashboarding and data visualisation capabilities, to let users use beautiful charts and tables to communicate with numbers.
    • Check out our roadmap to see what else we've got planned:

    You'll ideally:

    • Have 2+ years software engineering experience
    • Have experience with our tech stack: React/Redux/Typescript on the frontend, and Node/Typescript on the backend
    • Be able to write clean + maintainable code with attention to performance, but also be able to ship quickly + scrappily when the occasion calls for it
    • Be comfortable shipping features end-to-end, from defining the product spec to deploying to production

    How to apply:

    Please send us your CV and/or link to LinkedIn/personal site, and a few sentences about

    • Why you're interested in Causal
    • What your ideal role looks like
    • What your ideal timeline looks like ("when can you start?")
    • Anything else you think we should know :)
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