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Head of Operations at

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤75000 - ₤95000 per year

We are looking for someone to hire and lead a distributed team of Sleep Guides/ CSRs. We want someone who is extremely entrepreneurial, a quick learner and able to be productively paranoid. Our goal is to build an operations team that is renowned for creating deeply meaningful moments with our parents.

Batelle is a Remote Sleep School for children aged 5 months to 5 years old. We teach parents how to put their babies to bed in under 5 minutes within a week, and sleep through the night in two weeks, guaranteed. Raising children is difficult, and our parents need emotional support and coaching. They are sleep deprived and don’t have the support structure they would typically have had in pre-covid times. It is our job to help them realise their ability, encourage them to be resilient and help them to remain patient, calm and grounded during the Sleep School process. It is also our job to anticipate their difficulties, needs and desires and have both the empathy and initiative to proactively address these


Started in March of 2020, our company has been growing 20% month over month with almost exclusively 5 star reviews to date and close to profitable. 90% of our customers refer us onto a new customer and we now need your help to maintain our commitment to excellence as we grow. There are so many opportunities to really make this experience exceptional for parents. Being able to get enough sleep again has a profound impact on every member of the family. However, we want to do more: we want this to be a standout experience for parents not just in results, but also in how they get there and what they learn along the way. 


You are:

  • A quick learner and your number one goal is to accelerate the speed at which you learn
  • Coachable with an ability to progress from feedback  
  • Made fun of by your friends for your detailed travel agendas, or for always being the one to google the restaurant menu before you arrive
  • Deeply empathetic, a great listener and someone who likes to ask great questions
  • Someone with the ability to see nuance: a heterodox thinker
  • A tinkerer, someone who loves to test things and is unafraid of failure
  • A self-starter, able to work on your own 
  • Someone who defaults to “yes”
  • Calm under pressure, able to spot issues early and course-correct, rather than need to firefight 


You have:

  • Stick-to-it-itvness (the ability to stay committed to something - grit)
  • The ability to communicate confidently and succinctly, both verbally and in writing
  • Excellent time management skills
  • An ability to empathise with others and take an active interest in them and their struggles
  • Domain Experience: managing SLAs, complaints handling/ escalation, training and coaching 

You might have:


  • Domain Expertise: managing distributed teams, chatbot training and automation
  • A love for paedagogy 
  • A passion for early childhood development and care
  • A love of reading about childhood development
  • An interest in conscious parenting
  • First Aid Certification

Role Responsibilities

  • Manage and Scale the Operations team: We want to make sure that every interaction a parent has with our team is exceptional.  We also want to make sure that at any time a parent or child needs support, our team is attending to them.  We need you to help shape, grow and manage our team of 24 hour support staff who will coach parents as they soothe their children back to sleep. 




  • An opportunity to work with a product that has a profound effect on the lives of our customers.
  • Working in a growth and testing culture - it’s OK to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.
  • Comprehensive mentorship from a well-established entrepreneur; you would be directly liaising with our x3 founder who has built businesses valued in excess of £100mm.  
  • Be the first to build out a team of coaches servicing parents around the world.

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