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Graphic design internship (+ all things visual communication) at Conju Space

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  • National Minimum Wage
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  • Calling all motivated junior/entry-level graphic designers looking to lead creative work!

    This is a genuine internship. You’ll be fully immersed in the process of create visual communications, and we'll need you to create high-quality work for:

    1. Physical products and packaging

    2. Brand identities

    3. Web design

    4. Marketing content

    Where your contribution, exposure, opportunity to learn is as extensive as your motivation allows.

    Specifically you’ll get:

    • to design brand identities
    • to design product packaging graphics
    • to design web UX’s
    • to design advertising content
    • have the freedom to bring whichever creative skills you have and want to practice, to projects
    • be immersed in the full reality of the design process - from user research and ideation to marketing stories and manufacturing, if you wish!
    • to work flexibly
    • paid well
    • to contribute to the direction of products and brand experiences
    • manage freelancers to produce even better creative projects
    • to work on research projects within design

    You’ll get to join at the early stage of a pioneering design space for consumer goods product design and visual communication. We're working with early-stage entrepreneurs and brands, and simultaneously, we're working on our own products and brands to launch.

    We're creating a space — hopefully, a physical one soon too — that would love to explore, apply, increase and share the value of aligned product design for designers, businesses, and users, and further afield. Ultimately, we’re looking to further increase the value of making physical things.

    You'll join and find your area within a small network of designers, engineers, brands, clients, and freelancers as part of a forming studio. It is growing and is in its infancy. It's not ideal if you're searching for certainty in the short term, but it's perfect for someone who thrives in the possibilities of uncertainty, wants exposure to the full reality of the design process alongside the founder with credible design history, and will enjoy being part of the journey of seeing where it progresses.

    Realistically, over the coming year as the studio grows, ideally, you are:

    • available day-to-day at short notice
    • understanding that your work hours per week will vary depending on projects - we’ll do our best
    • are in, or love being in London, so that we can work in person when necessary
    • excited and motivated
    • enjoy making things
    • have a good taste for premium luxury products

    In return for your flexibility, the definite intention is to build a relationship where we'll move to a formal role, as soon as the studio can support the role that is your preference.

    I would love to see portfolios and evidence of your design work. Whether it is professional or personal, finished or work in progress. Feel free to share!

    Get in touch!

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