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CTO and/or App Developer at Snowflak

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About us

We are setting up Snowflak, a digital solution company focused on improving the life of people belonging to discriminated groups and minorities. As our first target, we want to focus on the London-based female demographic. However, we will expand to other groups in the near future.

Our values

  • We put ethics before everything else
  • We want to create an environment without silent complicity
  • We want to connect people and help them support each other.

Our purpose

Have you ever been scared of walking in the street late at night? Or do you know anybody that told you how dangerous a dark street can feel? We certainly have. More than once.

We want to build a digital product addressed mainly to women, to help them be and feel safer when alone in the street (e.g. coming back home alone in the dark).

We will focus on ease to use/launch (e.g simple triggers that can overcome a moment of panic or sudden danger), staying mindful of privacy protection and perception (e.g. not requiring to share the actual, detailed location of the user if not in immediate danger, and certifying the identity of who will be contacted if needed).


The MVP will include the following features:

  1. A non-harmful way to discourage a potential attacker
  2. A way to make the user feel safer and connected to other users/volunteers around the area that could come and help in case of necessity. This will require collecting data about location, speed of movement, predicted path, and so on, while keeping particular attention to ID certification and data accessibility
  3. Easy triggers to call for help.

Our ideal CTO

The ideal candidate will be a passionate and hands-on technical person to build the engineering team from ground-up and lead the team while also staying true to writing code on a day-to-day basis, with strong ethical values, eager to join us on a journey to improve safety and create a better environment for minorities and discriminated groups. We are looking for someone who shares our values and passion for diversity and inclusion. This person will need to understand the complex shades of diversity and its repercussions on people's life, integrating those elements in the design of our solution(s).

 Technical skills


  • Strong all-around technical skills in writing clean and documented code to develop a new software application, implement, and test source code and troubleshoot software applications in an agile-friendly environment
  • Experience in Android/iOS app development
  • Experience with building backend for writing APIs for the app
  • Experience with DevOps skills needed to set the infrastructure up for the product
  • Experience with cloud platforms like AWS/GCP/Heroku or the likes
  • Experience with data engineering.


  • Data science skills to work on data to generate a suggestion for the person using the app
  • Machine learning experience.

Other skills

  • Strong product sense to work with the founders to deliberate the product vision and take it forward from an engineering perspective
  • Lead a team of engineers to drive the product forward from an engineering perspective
  • Believer of quick MVPs and pivots when necessary
  • Setup the engineering team from ground-up and be responsible for all things tech, on a day-to-day basis.

 Other information

  • The role will ideally be part time, but we are open to discuss
  • You will need to be based in the UK (ideally in London or not too far from there), and have the right to work in the UK
  • This role is remote, but it might be required to meet in person in the near future (fingers crossed!).


Equity only until we have revenues/fund-raises to support cash compensation. 

If you're up for a new challenge, and this sounds interesting, please do get in touch and let's have a chat.


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