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Technical datascience / development at Stealth

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  • London
  • parttime


  • I am looking for a technical co-founder to develop a capital markets fintech start-up.
  • The ideal candidate will have relevant professional experience and be interested in emerging technologies that can be applied to capital markets (buy or sell side institutions)

Business plan:

  1. Collaborate to explore new applications of emerging technologies / datasets, research market opportunity, calculate value proposition, etc. All with a focus on identifying a suitable commercial opportunity
  2. Develop an MVP to test hypothesis and gain initial traction with 1-3 institutional clients (e.g. pilot projects / POCs)
  3. Raise money (SEIS, Grant funding, Angel investment, etc) to begin scaling the business and work towards achieving product-market fit

What I offer:

  • 15 years of capital markets experience: 7 years blue chip institutional followed by 8 years in start-ups, including 2x founder/co-founder.
  • Product development & commercialisation skills – i.e. working with institutional clients to understand existing challenges and then closely collaborate with technology & datascience to deliver advanced solutions.
  • Fundraising & Sales skills (I.e. Commercial lead)
  • Operational / Finance / Legal (I.e. COO)
  • Technical knowledge / understanding (I’m not a CTO, but I can write code and understand enough to help build a highly technical business)
  • Currently I work for two start-ups in the space and am looking for a third independent project to build alongside these and then commit to full-time, when the timing is right.

Candidate: key skills / experience:

  • Datascience (AI / NLP / ML / etc)
    • Passionate interest in emerging technologies in this area
    • Demonstrable technical ability
    • Your unique set of skills/experience will help guide the technical direction of this venture from day 1
  • Capital markets professional experience (5-10 years min)
    • Blue chip buy-side or sell-side institutional experience
    • Knowledge of processes, datasets, typical institutional tech stacks, challenges, etc
  • Full stack development knowledge / understanding
    • Sufficient to build an MVP or at least the ability to manage a low-cost offshore team to do so
  • Attitude / Culture / Core Values
    • Honesty, Hard work, Professionalism

Alongside a CV please highlight the areas you are interested in exploring. I’m open minded so please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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