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Co-founder at Mindful gaming company

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  • London
  • parttime

I’m building an app that uses games and interactive tools to improve mental wellbeing. Looking for someone with creativity and energy to join the project as an equal cofounder. It doesn’t have to be full time.

There is a growing awareness about the importance of mental health and wellbeing. The statistics are well known. The World Health Organisation estimates that 1 in 13 of us suffers from anxiety. And in the UK, 1 in 4 of us suffers from mental health issues each year.

There is an expanding body of research to show the ways in which interactive tools and games can help. A study by the Kochi University of Technology showed that interactive meditation can be more effective than guided meditation in noisy or busy places. And a number of studies have shown that phone usage data, such as changes to typing speed, can help measure changes in anxiety levels. A recent study by University College London indicated that mobile games can be more effective than mindfulness apps in recovering from post-work stress. And the FDA recently approved the first video game as a prescription treatment.

There are now thousands of apps designed to enable mindfulness, improve sleep and reduce anxiety. And many, like myself, turn to mobile games to help us switch off, recentre ourselves, and feel more positive. But for all their benefits, “snackable” games are not usually designed to look after our mental health. And very few mental health apps provide interactive experiences.

I’m building a product that provides a series of games and interactive experiences specifically designed to make users more mindful and improve mental wellbeing, using the promising scientific research in this area.

A bit about me: I'm an economist by background with 10 years experience, most recently in consulting where I was building geeky price forecasting models to use in transactions. But in my spare time I've dabbled in game design and development. I’m interested in psychology, behaviours and technology.

A few other people are contributing too, from mental health, user design, and games backgrounds.

Hopefully you:

  • Are interested in the ability of technology, interactive content and games to improve mental wellbeing
  • Are creative and willing to get stuck into a startup project
  • Want to have some fun while doing it

A background in psychology, design, gaming or product are a plus.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in chatting about the project or want to learn more about the idea and the people involved.

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