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Broker InsurTech at Tylky

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Here at Tylky we are looking to share the upcoming years of our life with somebody building solutions that add value to our society in a fair, co-founding relationship.

We are looking for a broker with expertise in the LLoyds market able to establish partnerships and long relations with sindacates and insurance companies

I can’t say exactly where the road will take us, given every established entrepreneur recognises their end product rarely looks like you envisioned it, but here is the base I’m proposing we work from…

Tylky is the European’s first AI powered platform which delivers extended warranties as a service. A sort of Twilio, Stripe or Klarna for extended warranties. Our vision is to allow any e-commerce platform to easily integrate and up-sell extended warranties.

This is the perfect time for creating a platform in the InsurTech industry for numerous reasons:

  1. Never before the Insurance industry have been so open and ready to disrupt their “legacy” models through the use of the latest technologies.
  2. The Insurance industry is at all time high. Whether it’s legacy Insurance or InsurTech we’ve seen the rise of investments for startUp working on this area.
  3. Improvement in AI have paved the way to truly offer the best experience and to deliver the best service for consumers

Tylky has already validated the idea through customer discovery and, at the present, is establishing partnership with insurance companies.

If you’re interested in exploring the opportunity of working together, let’s grab a coffee…

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