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Product Development Co-founders (iOS or Backend developers needed) at Nothing to Wear

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  • London
  • fulltime

This is your chance to reinvent a sector and build a tech business from the ground up.


The product:

With the recent and accelerating move from in-store shopping to online, I have found multiple (validated) opportunities to create a platform that revolutionises the way people shop for clothes online. Most women (and men to a lesser extent) find shopping in-store a fun and largely social experience, but online shopping, whilst faster and more convenient, provides little to none of those experiences. So the platform’s main goal is to combine the fun and personal in-store experiences with the efficiencies and convenience of online shopping. How? Get in touch. I’ll show you what I’ve built so far, why it will work (backed with data) and how we can do it.


Where the start-up is at:

A lot of the early customer development work is complete. I have a strong, validated customer model with a defined customer value proposition. I know how to grow and scale the business and how we can make the business profitable. I’ve also started building the MVP but I have found the tasks of product development and customer development too great for one person. So I'm now looking for co-founders, based in the UK (ideally London but I’m flexible), to own the product development and help build and grow the business. 


What we need:

Ideally I’m looking for two experienced product co-founders; one dedicated iOS developer and one backend developer (Python / Go / Javascript) or someone who can do both.

The table-stakes skills needed over the 2 roles are:

  • For the iOS founder; the ability and experience to build, deploy and maintain production ready apps in Swift. The current MVP is built in SwiftUI 2.0 with an MVVM structure. The MVP connects to Firebase for authentication, storage and has some serverless functions already deployed. If you’ve developed and deployed AI/ML apps (especially using TFlite) please let me know in your application
  • For the backend founder:
    • Building, deploying and maintaining backend services, ideally on GCP (the MVP is being built on GCP but it’s still early in the development so I’m open to other/better solutions)
    • Ability to build, maintain and integrate APIs 
    • Bonus points if you've built and deployed AI/ML algorithms and packages either on the cloud or on device (although I have experience with this), ideally using TensorFlow.
  • Experience in hiring would be plus as this is one of the hardest parts of growing a company; hiring the right people for today and for the future.

A little about me:

  • I’m a business nerd. I read at least one business book a week and consume business information like a sieve. I’ve studied 100s of the best (and worst) businesses and start-ups over the past 20 years, learnt what worked and what didn’t and have integrated these into a repeatable business framework we can use to accelerate the growth and scale of our business.
  • I love to deploy small experiments, test what works and then make fast, data backed decisions.
  • I have a high growth rate. I would love to find founders with similar rates of growth who are insatiable learners.
  • I’m a self taught programmer and can code well enough in Python and Swift.
  • I think big and exponential. I have little interest in growing a small business. I want our business to have impact and benefit tens of millions of people. I strongly believe it is possible with this platform.
  • I’m a great listener and questioner, humble enough to know I do not have all the answers. 


What you’d get:

The start-up has start-up capital but both roles are initially unpaid, so you’ll initially be working for equity. I strongly believe we can start generating revenue soon after launch but to accelerate growth (and scale fast) we’ll need to fund raise, after which salaries can be negotiated. The equity split will ideally be equal with a 4 year vesting period and a one year cliff (we’ll negotiate all the details further down the line but I don’t believe in the ‘I own 51% so I get to make all the important decisions’ mentality).


How the process will go:

As we’re building a peer relationship I was thinking we could:

  • Have a 45-60 min call to initially get to know each other
  • Get together for a few hours (ideally in person) and focus on founder-fit and I’ll provide more detail about where the start-up is, a demonstration of the MVP and the long term possibilities of the start-up.
  • See where it goes from there...


If you're interested please write a few lines about why your motivations to start a business and include a link to your LinkedIn profile. Can't wait to hear from you.


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