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We are Satatland, Ownership-free circular fashion. We make beautiful sustainable occasionwear with a vision to see a positive change in our lifetime. We take a holistic approach to how fashion should be produced, consumed, and disposed of. We are the first brand in the world to offer our own products to rent, lease, and buy.

Why Satatland?

Fashion is changing and the way people are consuming fashion at the moment is also changing. With or without Satatland, more and more customers will shift to renting, leasing, and collaborative consumption of clothing by 2050. Why not jump in and take the first-mover advantage in this space?

Today in UK 2 in 3 women considers a piece of clothing old after wearing it twice. Occasionwear is the perfect category to start within this model. As once the dress is tagged on social media, it is not repeated. No matter which price range it is from.



I am Karishma, the founder of Satatland and I am on the lookout for the perfect co-founder(s).

-Why I started Satatland and What is my mission in life?

I started Satatland with my dream to create a zero compromise fashion brand. A brand that does not compromise the needs of our planet and our love for fashion. My previous jobs as a garment technician and quality manager in the east have given me the first-hand experience of seeing the negative impact of Fashion on our planet. I have seen how rivers have turned toxic with dyes, the land is being devastated with pesticides in the east for clothes that are not even worn for more than twice in the west.  Because of what I have experienced I decided to put an end to this madness and start Satatland.

- My Qualifications:

MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovations, London College of Fashion

Bachelor's in Fashion Technology (Apparel Manufacturing Specialisation) NIFT, India


-What I am looking for?

# Passionate about sustainability with a commercial & profit mindset. As we can not make a positive sustainable impact without profit to grow the company. People-Profit-Planet

# Create and implement effective marketing and sales plan and find our initial set of consumers

# Speed and get done attitude rather than perfectionism. 

# Growth Mindset

# A proven track record in a senior role within an early-stage e-comm startup company. (Preferred)

# Ablity to change the mindset of customers.

# Existing networks in the UK startup ecosystem

# Great team worker. Fashion is all about collaboration with others.

# You should enjoy building startups, fully capable of working under stress.

# thinks outside the box. 


Get in touch with me if you have any or all of the skills below:

1. E-commerce development strategy. + Digital marketing

2. Marketing, branding, communications.



What Satatland has so far:

1. Existing network of manufacturers and suppliers that already work with amazing big brands. All certified with sustainable certifications. (trust me this is the hardest part when building the fashion brand, and I have got this sorted)

2. Existing functional platform that can take orders in all three forms - Rent, lease and buy

3. Concept and products figured out.

4. Already a part of Fashion Eco-system in the UK.

5. Exciting PR and promotional activities coming up.


What's in it for you?

-Leave a long-lasting positive impact on the planet and a chance to create your legacy.

-Run the company like you are the boss.

-Creative freedom & a very open-minded founder.

-Substantial Equity (to be discussed) 

-There is no base salary as of right now but as our products are ready to sell, we should be able to figure it out quickly.

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