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  • About Supercritical

    The climate crisis is the single-biggest threat to humanity. Supercritical's mission is to help businesses get to net zero and to scale carbon removal technologies. We're building software to enable companies to understand their climate impact and purchase high quality carbon removal offsets. Carbon removal includes nature-based solutions like trees and cutting-edge technologies that literally pull carbon from the sky and store it underground for millenia. We need to scale to remove 8 billion tons a year by 2050 to stay below 1.5℃ of warming. We've only removed a few thousand tons to date. This will be an $80 billion industry by 2050. 

    We (Michelle and Aaron, the founders) worked together for many years at Songkick, where Michelle was cofounder and Aaron was CTO. We built Songkick to 20 million monthly uniques and $100m in GTV, raising from YC, Index, and Sequoia before exiting to Warner Music Group. We started Supercritical because we have both have young children and want to leave them a better future. We'll hopefully be alive to see the world achieve net zero by 2050, our children definitely will be. 

    Come and help us save the planet.


    As our first sales hire, you will work alongside Michelle, our CEO, to sell Supercritical. You'll speak with startup CEOs to understand their climate journey, explain how we'll work with them to measure their carbon footprint and sell them carbon removal offsets. We're working with beta customers today and want to scale up our process. You'll be the founding sales team member and will define how we work. You should be comfortable with all aspects of driving revenue for an early-stage company, including sales operations, product marketing, customer success, and—oh yeah—doing back-to-back Zoom calls all day, every day. You will eventually hire team members to take over aspects of your role and shape our sales team. You'll know the more customers we have, the more carbon we remove from the sky, and will do whatever it takes to grow this number sensibly.

    • Identify our most valuable customers segments and develop the repeatable process for closing deals. A lot of them.
    • Work with Michelle to test and refine the pitch. You'll distill the complex world of sustainability, carbon accounting, net zero, and carbon removal. You'll synthesise which message resonates with which customer segment.
    • Help us discover the value we provide and test pricing. You're unafraid to ask direct questions about price and ask why a lot.
    • Shape our early product and give feedback like a PM: prioritised and problem-oriented.

    About you

    • 2 years experience in sales or in a commercial role that required serious hustle, like starting your own company.
    • You're excited by the opportunity of an early-stage startup and are unfazed by the long, hard search for product/market fit. We don't know what our sales motion is, you'll help us figure that out.
    • You're relentless in your search to understand customer problems and how we provide value.
    • You have high integrity, care about real climate impact, and can guide customers on this journey.
    • Bonus: you've worked in an early stage startup or started your own company.
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