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Strategy & People Performance Manager at Sigma Labs

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤50000 - ₤70000 per year


We're looking for an ex-management consultant (or similar background) to take a leadership role, helping us build a world-class education company. The role will be responsible for the performance of our graduates (from recruitment to high impact professional behaviour).

We source outstanding graduates from less advantaged backgrounds, and train them to become exceptional software developers. If you have 5 to 7+ years of professional experience in a top tier management consultancy or other high performance, delivery-focused organisation (i-bank, VC/PE backed business, etc.), we'd love to hear from you. You'll have a seat with the executive management team, helping input into and learn from all major decisions - the compensation (salary £50k-£70k with significant options) reflects that and will grow as we do. The role would be London based.


We are a mission driven education company. We source & prioritise outstanding graduates from less advantaged backgrounds, to provide them with world class technical training. We then employ them as high performance junior developers for 2 years, embedding them with clients who need technical talent. We are backed by investors from Google, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey.

The business is founded on two beliefs:

  • Exceptional talent is missed everyday: the common heuristics used to judge graduates, such as universities, a-levels grades, etc. mean that lots of genuine talent is overlooked. We rigorously source this talent while advancing the science of assessment to ensure we find and help outstanding people;
  • Exceptional training changes outcomes: the most effective learning practises are rarely used because the organisations that must invest in the training almost never own the outcome. Yet Bloom’s seminal educational research proved that the right methods can change learning outcomes by 2 standard deviations (2 sigmas). This is monumental.


The Strategy & People Performance Manager is a management role that will ultimately become part of executive team. It will likely suit someone from a top tier management consultancy or other high performance team background, who wants to roll their sleeves up and be part of building/leading something meaningful.

The role will be day-to-day responsible for sourcing and recruiting outstanding graduate talent from less advantaged backgrounds, alongside taking ownership of their non-technical development (and the team that will manage both these tasks). It involves operating at the coal face but also analysing the research around social mobility and the science behind high performing talent.


  • Graduate outreach: finding outstanding, often overlooked graduate talent by working with jobs boards, universities, social mobility charities and networks (inc. KPI & budget management, marketing, etc.);
  • Recruitment & assessment: building a world class recruitment & assessment process (inc. interviewing, testing, optimising heuristics, advancing assessment science, owning the graduate experience, etc.);
  • Non-technical development: a minor part of the role will also be leading trainee education in exceptional professional effectiveness, building on our existing modules based on the Bain graduate program (inc. training, mentoring).


  • Obsessing over attracting, assessing, understanding and developing high performance graduate talent;


  • To positively change the lives of talent from less advantaged backgrounds.


  • Professional & Education:
    • Undergraduate or MBA from a Tier 1 institution;
    • 5-7+ years professional experience in a top tier management consultancy or other high performance, delivery focused organisation (i-bank, VC/PE backed business, etc.);
    • Experience hiring, training and managing in a team with high expectations. We don’t mind which function, discipline or industry: more important is that you’ve experienced this in the real world and begun to consider how to help people deliver exceptional outcomes;
  • Skill set:
    • Highly numerate: while the role is primarily about talent, you’ll be responsible for optimising a pipeline, managing a budget and making strategic decisions based upon numbers (so you’re likely to seek and use detailed data in your work);
    • Exceptional communicator: a critical part of the role will be attracting, interviewing and assessing candidates. However interviews are always two way, so you’ll need to be a very confident and conscious communicator (both verbally/written; and personally / when observing others, as you’ll need to scale an exceptional experience even when you can’t interview everyone yourself);
  • Nice to haves (interest or experience in):
    • learning and education best practise;
    • teaching/coaching adults;
    • technology and its impact on industry and society;
    • behaviour (alignment with our values – see below):


This is really what we offer – the chance to pursue a meaningful mission alongside a group of people working for each other, and trying to deliver exceptional outcomes. These values will also develop as we grow and we want this role the help shape them in the future.

  • Selflessness: it’s all about the team. It means being part of something bigger. If you fall, we’ll pick you up. If you’re leading, it is to help inspire and carry others. We try to delivery excellence every day for the person sitting next to us;
  • Thoughtful trust: it is critical that we are able to disagree with & challenge one another, so it is also important that we are kind and know what it means to build long term trusting relationships;
  • Performance in the moment: what we did last year, the universities we went to, the grades we got…aren’t that important. High performing teams care about what we’re doing right now, today. We believe the mission is worthwhile, so it matters that we win…because that is how we have an impact;
  • Constant improvement: we’re rigorous about defined goals, measurement & adjustment – without them, improvement is impossible. We take notes, read & practise: we’re geeks through discipline or love of the grind;
  • High cadence with accuracy: these can conflict, but it’s a healthy balance that drives our hard work and deep curiosity. We obsess over trying to find the right answer, making the correct decisions and delivering exceptional outcomes. Our mission is a meaningful challenge - it matters that we progress every day in the right direction.
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