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Testimonials for the You Intrapreneur campaign at You Intrapreneur

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  • Do you know what intrapreneurship is? Do you know that it was named #1 skill to have in 2020?

    At You Intrapreneur, we are on a mission to increase awareness around intrapreneurship with our brand new #youintrapreneur marketing campaign.💪

    Who we are looking for:

    • have you driven innovative ideas for your company?
    • Have you challenged old business practices with your team developing new projects?
    • Have you worked for a start-up or a business creating new processes, teams, functions from scratch?
    • Have you worked on innovative projects?
    • Do you consider yourself an agent of change at your workplace?

    If so, we look forward to hearing and sharing your story!

    Benefits for our #youintrapreneur testimonials:

    1. increase the visibility of your Linkedin profile and get more chances to get noticed for your talent
    2. add " intrapreneur" to your Linkedin work history and ensure HR teams can find you when searching for that keyword (optional)
    3. join our "10-80-10" referral program. Share your personalised code on Linkedin, give a 10% discount to your friends to access the You Intrapreneur Bootcamp, and get 10% back for an equivalent of £80 (optional)

    The estimated time to become one of our testimonials is 30 min .

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