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JOLT is a UK based e-bike subscription service. The core concept of the product derived from the ever changing world of commuting, explosive increase in sales of e-bikes and lastly the spiralling costs of owning and maintaining a modern bike. I am looking to "disrupt" the industry by tackling this with a simple MVP that get’s commuters an exciting modern e-bike delivered to them on a non-contract basis and at a minuscule fraction of the cost of purchasing the bike. Also included are perks such as free service, insurance and a smart lock. 


I am a London based product designer of 10 years and have worked with top level product design agencies as well as over 50 global brands. I have been part of teams who develop app's and websites for a combined userbase of 10 million. I have a no nonsense philosophy in product design and concentrate on creating the most absolute cutting edge products from end to end research, branding, testing and production.

I was also an ex cofounder of quite a stressful telco startup in the past. Sadly it did not succeed but as a result I have in-depth knowledge of startup experience especially from the mistakes we made (and accepted) which can be a priceless thing to know moving forward.



I am looking for a friendly but tough individual who comes from a selling background (This is my own weakness), who loves entrepreneurship and preferably with some skills pitching or good at making bonds (B2B a bonus), to jump onboard and take charge of selling the product, working on traction and organising fund raising when needed. I would need the co-founder to also assist in organising contracts and legal.

I will myself take care of the entire product, as it is already developed and operational. I have an external development team which I bootstrap fund for maintenance and new features, I also fund marketting myself. 

I am not looking for full-time work, I have a family myself so we both will be on this part-time. My absolute goal is to get pre-seed backing from a VC or any other entity/angel to access a large quantity of bikes. My goal is a signed term sheet as I came close before and I’m confident this time it can happen.

If you have the skills and looking for a game changing and ultimately fun product to work on, give me a buzz and I'll run you past the product. I have a planned launch of January 2022.

This is not a paid position.

Thank you.

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