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Co-Founder (Marketing, Sales, Admin focus) at Optimal Working Wellbeing Limited

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  • I’m looking to find a co-founder to form a working relationship over the next few years. Someone who is ready to help organisations optimise the wellbeing of their staff.

    I am looking for someone I can work alongside, who has the skills I don’t but has the same level of passion as I do. I want to form a co-founding relationship, 70/30 with someone who is open to driving forward a new and exciting business in the wellbeing and fitness sector but may want to stay in the background a bit more.

    Who knows where this could end up? The offering has changed dramatically in the last 4 months and I’m sure it will keep doing so. A document explaining the full breakdown of the programme is available on request. 

    Optimal Working Wellbeing Limited or O.W.W.L is the best company wide wellbeing programme available. Think Virgin for wellbeing. It aims to make remote or hybrid working, a seamless and motivating experience for everyone. Helping each team member to feel connected to their work colleagues as well as feeling their best in and out of work. Optimal Wellbeing is achievable and accessible to all.

    The main revenue model to start with will be getting companies of 50-300 people on board. There are also a number of other revenue streams to consider, these include one-off paid for webinars, premium programming for individuals, pre-made programmes, single topic workbooks, wellbeing challenge programmes, talks at companies. We could also consider how partnerships, affiliate schemes and sponsorships could become part of the revenue. There is certainly a lot of room to grow.

    This programme/venture is perfectly timed for numerous reasons:

    1. A lot of companies have discovered people working remotely are actually more productive but there is a loss of connection. We bridge that.

    2. Wellbeing is the highest on the population’s agenda than it’s ever been.

    3. Mental health and talking is now more accepted and should be encouraged.

    4. Getting organised to actually benefiting from things to help with wellbeing can be challenging. We here to help.

    At the time of writing, O.W.W.L has conducted a three month trial with three local companies of varying size to establish the impact of the programme, a document and video testimonial available on request.

    My intentions for O.W.W.L are to grow the number of companies partaking in the programme for a minimum of 3 months, but ideally 6 months with a monthly check in/review after that with a subsided programme available to employees if they want it. The first goal is 10 companies by the end of 2021.


    This is why I’m the person to walk this journey with:

    I’m a personal trainer or better described as a personal coach with a keen focus on mental health and wellbeing in relation to exercise and the benefits. I have 5 years experience as a personal trainer and over 15 years experience in customer facing roles, in retail and head office based roles.

    I am routine driven, passionate and heavily motivated to achieve a life/work balance for myself and for others within an industry that is undervalued and over worked.

    Applications are welcome from anyone, all sectors, all skill bases etc but the ideally you are passionate and competent in marketing, sales and driven to get clients on board. As this would be unpaid to start with part time working but with a view to go full time as soon as possible. (Obviously when there’s money coming in) Also please note I am based in Market Harborough, UK but applications are welcome from other areas of the UK as long as we can meet on a regular basis as well as video call. 


    Reply back with a bit about you, tell me a book you’ve read that changed your life and why as well as your CV.

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