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Technical lead / co founder at DN Travel

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  • London
  • parttime

Travel is going to be big business post-covid, we're looking to capitalise on this and a technical lead to join the team would be incredibly useful.

Bit of background

Long before the pandemic we spotted a gap in the market for the holidays sector.  The way holidays are currently sold is simply not in line with how people research and book.  So we're looking to change this.

Pretty vague so far right?  We've actually done a lot of work up to this point, but can't share all the details here.  Here's some points you might be interested in though:

We have a unique growth model

The product has been designed with growth in mind at the very foundation (rather than unsuccessfully trying to bolt this on later)

We have a solid revenue model

Ours will be a 'proper business' selling holidays and actually generating revenue from day 1 (or very close to that!)

We have an experienced team

Founder 1 - 20yrs digital marketing, experience in travel, broad history of projects including startups

Founder 2 - more than 20yrs in travel, founded a large company (with partners such as British Airways)

Our approach

We're going the bootstrapped & revenue-based-finance approach.

It's a decent-sized opportunity but we don't want to be beholden to outside investors if we can help it.

What we're looking for

Someone working in their spare time, happy with sweat-based equity until revenues start flowing and we can all make the move full-time.

We're currently using low code tools (such as Webflow) and existing tech (such as Hubspot) rather than building everything from scratch.  But there's definitely custom work needed too, for example building APIs using Firebase Cloud Functions, setting up DBs on Firestore.  You'd need to be happy helping us join the dots with your javascript skills.

It's likely we'll need to build elements of the frontend independently from Webflow, so experience with React would be useful.

If you're interested please start your covering letter with 'super interesting travel project' that way we know you've actually read to the bottom of this post :)

Many thanks

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