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Co founder (non-technical) at Adwaay

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  • Remote
  • parttime

We are a startup that is introducing a new marketplace in the job recruitment industry. The business is focused is updating the current methods with a newer solution.

The startup is looking for a co-founder who can deal with non-technical work. The ideal candidate should have experience in marketing the startup to potential clients.


  • Able to deliver clients from a double-sided market.
  • Deal with the non-technical work from legal to sales.
  • Have experience with gathering the first customers.
  • Have experience in the job-recruitment industry (at least 1 year).
  • You must have a LinkedIn account.
  • UK citizen.


  • Experience working in a startup.
  • Experience or knowledge of software development.
  • Have potential investors in mind.

At the moment, there is no funding but hoping to collect it ASAP. But in return, a great reward of equity will be given.

There will be a video interview call to get to know each other.

We look forward to your application.

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