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  • ₤35000 - ₤45000 per year

Who we are

Ventures Together is a community of 55+ of Europe’s leading tech entrepreneurs and operators, responsible for building startups like Revolut, Citymapper, Beamery, Tide, Onfido, Monzo and Deliveroo.

We believe that the pool of active angel investors in Europe who have real, first hand, recent experience building startups is too small.  We’ve come Together to change that - to invest in and support startups in the ecosystem, so founders get investments from useful peers and angels learn and help one another. 

We’re a startup too - founded by experienced entrepreneurs Rob and Tom - quietly (no website or marketing in case you’re worried you can’t find it!) in early 2021.  

This will be our first hire.  We’ve invested in 20 companies in 5 months, (1 per week) and will grow to 2-3 investments a week and 75+ community members by the end of the year. 

We believe...

Founders are significantly more successful when they build their companies Together with the most experienced entrepreneurs and executives.

And… Entrepreneurs and executives are far better angel investors, and help build a stronger, more successful ecosystem, when they work Together.

What will you be doing

  • Helping us close investments - including managing the legal, regulatory, accounting and financial aspects of our community investments.  Initially this will be done by hand - an arduous process.  Your first job will be to help build systems to automate and innovate on this process. 
  • Nurturing relationships - within our community so that our members have the tools they need to ensure that they get the most out of Ventures Together.  Our community are our ‘customers’ and we aim to delight them.  This means you will be in regular contact with some of the best founders and operators in the ecosystem - as well as other key people beyond the community, such as VCs, founders and suppliers. 
  • Supporting the future growth of the community - both in terms of finding and vetting new members, as well as adding new elements to our offering. 
  • Improving the fundraising process for angels and founders - so we get great people behind great companies, really fast and easily. 
  • Designing new operational systems - to track investment opportunities, connections and improve our decision-making processes.
  • Working with the founders that we back - enabling them to make the most of the collective experience and network of our members
  • Organising and hosting community initiatives - to bring our members together to learn and connect, from workshops and dinners to weekend retreats

We are looking for someone: 

  • Who can demonstrate brilliance - we believe that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Show us - using examples of what you’ve done/built/achieved in the Typeform below - how good you are.  Whether via academic prowess, or having built or done something amazing.  You needn’t be a founder/entrepreneur, we have 2 of those already! 
  • Who is passionate about entrepreneurship - you might not have work experience in startups but must be able to demonstrate a passionate interest in working as part of the tech ecosystem. 
  • With significant operations ability - this means getting things done accurately, at high speed.
  • Who loves process, problem solving and detail - someone who likes constantly fine-tuning a ‘system’.  We need attention to detail, diligence and someone who can communicate extremely well. 
  • Who can demonstrate an interest in and enjoys law, finance and accounting.
  • Who loves a spreadsheet - Bonus points for tools like Airtable, Zapier - with the ability to integrate systems and build and thread together an operational ‘stack’.
  • That loves networks, teams and working Together with a community - but simultaneously doesn’t need close supervision, or to work on location with others. Someone gregarious but self-sufficient.
  • You might have experience as an - accountant, management consultant, engineer, lawyer, scientist.
  • Remote, Full time and likely based or from the UK (so as to understand UK law, accounting etc.)

What you get

  • Competitive compensation based on experience and performance. Likely £35-45k, with the potential to earn carry/equity in years 2+. 
  • A chance to play a part in the evolution of a new initiative that is growing fast and changing the way funding happens in tech. 
  • To work remotely alongside experienced founders Rob and Tom, with a chance of becoming one of the management team. 
  • To become part of the Ventures Together community, connecting with many of the best founders and operators in the market. 
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