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Monthly financial analysis and reporting is a problematic area for many companies as there is lack of skills and knowledge and it is done mostly by humans using Excel. This means it is extremely inefficient, time consuming and subject to human errors and biases.

QoKoon is an early-stage Fintech start-up focused on developing AI/ML financial analysis and reporting software to (i) assist companies with their financial management and (ii) allow CEOs/CFOs and senior managers to make better strategic decision based on the analysis of financial data.

We are receiving great feedback about our Beta version and are about to launch our product as a SaaS mass-market tool. Accordingly, we have started to look for great talent join us. So far, our software development and IT needs have been outsourced but we are now in search for our own employees to take over these responsibilities.

Our Vision is to create an AI Finance Director that can, not only analyse and understand what has happened in the past, but also predict what can happen in the future and recommend actions to optimize financial management and company performance.

Our Mission in the AI revolution era is to contribute to the professional development and happiness of humans by creating AI assistants to allow humans dedicate their time and efforts towards more value-added tasks and have more rewarding and meaningful jobs.

About the role:

We have just closed a large funding round and we are looking for a Software Engineer to work alongside QoKoon’s founder and tech leader taking ownership of the existing code and continue developing it. In addition, we are looking for someone who can be a core member of the IT team and assist with the development of production-quality software applications and systems. Responsibilities include design, development and testing of existing and extending code.

Stack-wise, we use React, RESTful APIs, Python, Django, Github Pipeline, Docker on Google Cloud, microservices and Kafka in the future. If you haven't worked with all of these technologies, it is not a deal-breaker as we are looking for someone with the right attitude to working and learning and who can be a great cultural fit.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Hands-on programming/building frontend systems
  • Participate in our product development from ideation to deployment and beyond
  • Adhere to coding practices, working with “Git” and have “GitHub” collaboration skills
  • Efficient use of development tools such as Docker, Postman etc.
  • Need to build automated test suites and/or build testing frameworks
  • Take part in technology decisions and architecture discussions, advocate for engineering best practices (CI, testing, operational efficiency etc.)
  • Help prioritize features/subsets of features and plan implementation of features based on customer needs and feedback
  • Have good understanding of cloud architecture
  • Fix bugs and issues


  • Front end development experience with the ability to contribute on the front end, cloud infrastructure, and design of systems
  • Should be an outstanding verbal and written communicator of complex technical information
  • Experience or the ability to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
  • Writes clean and well-documented code with commentary
  • Thrives in complexity and challenging situations
  • Loves and is talented at solving difficult and complex problems
  • Exposure to agile development approach with experience in Scrum or Kanban
  • Good analytical and numerical skills
  • Start-up experience is highly beneficial
  • We are looking for computer science, physics or maths graduates/post graduate or PhDs
Regardless of your professional experience, what is important is your ability to do the job, your attitude towards work and other people, your ability and eagerness to achieve, your enthusiasm for continuous learning and development, your disposition for sharing your knowledge and your eagerness to make this opportunity a mutual success for you and QoKoon.
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