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Front End - Senior React Native for Health App at Fuelbetter

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We have just launched our ground-breaking mobile app, Fuelbetter. Learn more at

Fuelbetter has built proprietary, first-of-its-kind technology that allows us to accurately determine the deep nutritional content (164 different nutrients and counting) of any multi-ingredient, grocery/packaged food. This means that, for the first time in human history, everyone has the ability to determine if they have any nutrient deficiencies (or excesses) without taking a blood test, at home, in minutes.


You'll be joining a small team, bringing your deep experience and skills as a senior React Native engineer to help us realize the full potential of our ground-breaking app.

You will be a hands-on Senior React Native Engineer with deep, relevant technical -- rolling up your sleeves to code, thinking through architecture, phasing the development, etc. You will be at the very heart of ensuring Fuelbetter is a success!

You will work closely with the Founder & CEO (who is also the main investor to date), and great chemistry with him will be essential.

This is a start-up, so you will be wearing multiple hats, challenging yourself to learn new skills and apply existing skills and experience to new situations.  You'll be doing things in a way that is "right sized" for the company in its current (very early, cash-constrained) stage of growth .

If you have a passion for / interest in nutrition and dietary health, this opportunity is second to none.

Initially, there will be no cash compensation -- you'll be compensated only with equity options.  But as/when we raise funding from VCs, this will naturally migrate to a more salaried position (in line with compensation for start-ups like ours).


Fuelbetter doesn't just help you track calories & basic macros (carbs, fats, and protein). It tracks & measures ALL nutrients important to your health in real-time. This complete, holistic view of your nutrition, combined with Fuelbetter's ground-breaking digital dietitian, empowers you to achieve your dietary, health, and performance goals, whatever they are:

∙ Lasting weight loss

∙ Faster exercise recovery & performance

∙ Pregnancy health

∙ Shifting to a plant-based diet without losing out on important nutrients

∙ Immune system support

∙ & more...

Fuelbetter’s team of software engineers, data scientists, RDs, and sports scientists have spent years developing the proprietary technology that makes the app possible. The end result is revolutionary: FOUR WORLD-FIRST functionalities which can help you take control of your health like never before.

Fuelbetter calculates your unique nutrient requirements using techniques normally reserved for elite athletes. The one-size-fits-all RDAs (recommended daily allowances) communicated by public health authorities are relevant to hardly any of us. Not only that, but requirements can shift suddenly during moments of life change, such as pregnancy, taking on a new physical challenge, starting a weight loss journey, or going vegan.

Iron is a great example: A woman following a paleo diet who exercises infrequently may have a dietary iron need of 4mg/day, while another woman of the same height and weight but following a vegan diet and training as an endurance runner may need 100mg/day. That’s a big difference – equivalent to the amount of iron in 3.5kg (8 lbs) of spinach!

Fuelbetter monitors your nutrient intake throughout the day, compares this to your nutrient requirements, and checks for the presence of any nutritional deficiencies or excesses. Historically, only blood tests could offer this level of insight, at an average cost more than $15/£10 per nutrient. Fuelbetter tests for 164 nutrients in real time, at a fraction of the cost.

Once you’ve identified any problem areas in your diet, Fuelbetter’s powerful digital nutritionist suggests exactly what to eat to hit your nutrient requirements. Rather than complicated new recipes and obscure ingredients, you’ll see meal suggestions based on foods you’re already eating. If you don’t like the first suggestion, just swipe left and to get another suggestion instantly.

Just in case you need any further motivation, Fuelbetter measures the real time impact of your food choices on your immune health, the health of the planet, and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other diet-related non-communicable diseases.

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