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Co-Founder / VP Engineering at The 2nd Circle

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  • London+remote
  • freelance
  • ₤75000 - ₤100000 per year
  • -
  • The Idea

    The 2nd Circle makes it easier to shop for second hand online - think of it like Trivago, but for resale, rather than hotels! 

    The pre-owned fashion market is expected to double in the next 5 years - sustainability and value for money being the biggest consumer drivers. Yet, there is significant transformation to come over the long term with the majority of sellable inventory still sitting in people’s wardrobes and brands only starting to participate. 

    With a surge in demand and a flood of venture capital in recent years, resale platforms have multiplied. This choice is great but causes challenges in the search and shopping journey. Our research has identified several buyer-facing problems, which The 2nd Circle has been designed to solve. First, consumer awareness of the newer platforms is low. Second, authentication concerns abound. Third, those who do know about multiple platforms find it time consuming and difficult to shop across them. The 2nd Circle will bring together inventory from multiple online resale partners into one place - providing a fun and engaging search, discover and compare experience.

    The Role


    To be successful, the 2nd Circle requires a technical co-founder / CTO who will not only lead on all tech and data aspects of the business, but also provide valuable business input and support to our Founder. The quality of the customer experience relies on how we use the retail data from our partners and therefore this is a critical role to the future of the company. The co-founder must have experience with retail data, machine learning and search algorithms in such a way to successfully guide development teams (in house or external) to build a slick and impactful product. 

    The role would be paid freelance until the first fund-raise in early 2022. At that time both founders take a salary and move to full time. 


    • Lead on all technology aspects of the business, including app / website development, data integration & management and internal IT 
    • Own the product and release roadmap, project manage front end and back end design & development 
    • Oversee of all aspects of engineering including technical strategy, best practice implementation and technology stacks
    • Define technical support processes and ensure customer support for technical issues 
    • Input to the MVP process (depending on timelines). The MVP is being built on Bubble to facilitate quick route to market. 
    • Ensure the systems architecture and infrastructure is scalable to other categories and markets
    • Actively participate in fundraising activities, drive investor confidence in founding team and the technical roadmap 
    • Contribute to general business strategy and direction in collaboration with the Founder. 

    Remuneration: meaningful equity stake, with paid base salary in early 2022 dependent on initial fund raise. Founder will also begin taking a base salary in early 2022. Salary range provided is post-fundraise. 


    Founder profile:



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