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  • Linkedin is now turning so much like facebook. Its much harder to connect with the right people in the clutter and get a response even after you connect. It takes longer to find the right people in so much noise.  

    I want to make it easier for people to connect with eachother and have meaningful interactions which you never knew existed. I see many people on this website advertising their ideas, opportunities and willingness to connect with other people. The aim is to create a easier and better way for people to connect with like minded individuals. 

    I have done the validation and early research. The response has been very good. I now want to connect with a tech cofounder who has website and mobile app development expertise. This is a part time role for now and equity based. We wont take any salary until funded. You can be located anywhere but hopefully timezones dont effect us too much. I would be happy to share more about the solution, present why we should do this and whats the big opportunity. To minimise risk, first step would be to build a prototype or MVP and slowly on-board users. 

    I am the marketing and operations guy. I love to work in a team of 3 in such stages. Whilst I will overlook the marketing and growth, I am looking for a reliable cofounder who understands the hustle and is open to work passionately on this project. I am always open to brainstorming and idea assessement. If you are generally passionate about technology and apps, lets connect!

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