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  • Birmingham
  • fulltime
  • ₤40000 - ₤65000 per year
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  • At OpenOrigins, we are in the business of bringing provenance and meaningful ownership to the digital world. This starts with building a federated platform that deserves to be widely trusted and can scale to millions of users. We are working with the world’s leading media companies to ensure that our stellar engineering results in a stellar reception by Internet users around the world.  

    We are backed by a leading UK-based VC-fund and have offices in London and Birmingham.  



    We deeply value independent thinking and self-motivation. We believe in hiring the best minds and then letting them do their thing, rather than micro-managing every task. We love “crazy” ideas, and we love giving our people the time and resources needed to make those ideas real. 

    We follow a very agile mindset in keeping with the explorative, ground-breaking nature of our work. An ideal day at work is an intense whiteboard brainstorming session followed by stormy coding sessions. To facilitate this speed, we will always ensure a flat hierarchy: you will never be more than a message away from anyone in the organisation.  We enjoy meeting up in the same space to collaborate (and have fun) when it makes sense but provide the flexibility to get your head down from home at other times for when that makes more sense.   

    Our team consists of both researchers and industry veterans. Members of our team have worked at, and studied at, institutions such University of Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, ETH Zurich, Thales and F-Secure. 



    As a full stack developer at OpenOrigins, you’ll have the opportunity to work on all parts of the product stack, from backend blockchains to frontend product surfaces. You’ll be designing and building features that will enable a new generation of customers to engage with media in a novel and cutting-edge way.  

    Our full stack developers will be making some of the most significant decisions for the company. You’ll get to work with other engineers to build delightful features that span various parts of the system, as well as our business, sales and operations teams to understand and solve our users’ pain points.  

    We’re looking for people with a strong background or interest in building successful products or systems; you’re comfortable in dealing with lots of moving pieces; you are as happy with a Raspberry Pi as with a collection of potent ec2 instances; you have exquisite attention to detail; and you’re comfortable learning new technologies and systems.  


    You Will:  

    • Design, build, and maintain user facing experiences, APIs, services, and systems across OpenOrigins' engineering teams  
    • Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack  
    • Work with developers and engineers across the company to build delightful features that span various parts of the system  
    • Collaborate with our other teams to understand and solve our users' pain points.  
    • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes  


    You may be a fit for this role if you:  

    • Have a strong technical background, including 4+ years of experience working on the frontend, backend, and anything it takes to solve problems and delight users 
    • Are comfortable working on a new product under fluid conditions, seamlessly balancing tactical and strategic considerations 
    • Think about systems and services and write high quality code. We are fairly language-agile picking the right tool for the job. However, languages can be learned: we care much more about your general engineering skill than - knowledge of a particular language or framework. 
    • Measure your success in terms of impact, not lines of code Internalize the best ideas from across the organization, humbly setting a vision that others are excited to get behind and can hit the ground running and make an immediate impact. 
    • Want to work with a high-performance team and know you won’t have problems keeping up. 
    • Prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones, and have a good intuition for what will last and scale. 
    • Enjoy working with a diverse group of people with different expertise. Working at OpenOrigins requires collaboration with almost every other role. 
    • Take pride in working on projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems.  
    • Have experience of working with highly scaled systems. 
    • Can work in the UK, we have a pragmatic hybrid working model where we aim to collaborate (and have fun) in person when it makes sense, typically 1-2 days a week.   


    It's not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of these areas. Don't let this make you hesitate if you want to apply.  

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