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Co Founder / CTO at ESGgen at ESGgen

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About ESGgen is on a mission to make Environment and Social Governance (ESG) reporting accessible and meaningful for SMEs and Startups. As global governments and regulators are placing greater emphasis on things like net zero CO2 emissions, gender pay gap, diversity and sustainable business practices, companies of all sizes must take actions to transform the way they do business. The first step of any transformation is measurement or setting the baseline, as it is practically impossible to solve any problem without understanding its extent. 


Companies that do not adhere to the new Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulations (SFDR) at best will be unable to access credit, raise funds and list for IPO, or worse, will be at risk of breaching EU or local regulations and incur fines and penalties. ESGgen helps companies easily and quickly create a compliant set of Audited Non-Financial Accounts (Audited by an ESG certified Chartered Accountant) to complement their annual financial statements. Companies that receive the ESGgen Independently Audited Mark can prove to their customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders that they are not greenwashing but instead are taking active steps to measure and understand their ESG impact and can make more informed business decisions.


ESGgen has developed a proprietary and unique methodology to assess the ESG impact using only information sets and data that is easily and readily available within all SMEs. This methodology was developed by Marc Lepere (Founder & Chief ESG Officer) as part of his PhD research at King’s College London and refined in collaboration with Edinburgh University and RedRice Ventures in partnership with the British Business Bank. 


Where we are & the opportunity 


This is a unique opportunity to join a post-revenue startup with a proven product operating in a very hot and in-demand space (ESG) which is set up by an experienced team of entrepreneurs with an established track record. The business is fully boot-strapped and is wholly financed by the founding team with a goal of reaching $1m ARR by the end of Q1 2022 in preparation for a first financing round. 


The business is currently up and running with multiple clients from various sectors (including VCs, Banks and various SMEs). The service is currently being delivered in a manual way while the team is refining the product and improving the delivery processes. After months of testing, we have now reached the time where we will be looking to develop the product to deliver the service with an automated, self-serve saas platform. For that we are looking to make our first technical team addition - and that’s where you come in. 

We are looking for (requirements)


An experienced Full Stack Senior Engineer, ex-founder or ex-CTO at a startup is a big plus. The perfect candidate will have proven experience with:

  • hiring, managing, onboarding and the continuous training and upskilling of a team. Experience in delivering and managing personal development plans (PDP) and quarterly performance reviews for your team.
  • setting realistic KPIs and working with your team/s to deliver them, managing and maintaining a dynamic product road map, managing and reporting against development P&L.
  • working with one of the major cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • test automation 
  • architecting web applications 
  • integrating with external APIs
  • infrastructure as code 
  • continuous Integration and Deployment
  • comfortable being sole developer on a greenfield project 
  • experience with web application security 


How ESGgen is leading by example


At ESGgen we don’t just help other businesses improve, we continuously strive to improve ourselves. That’s why we are setting our business to be ESG ready from the get go. 


That means that we put people and the planet before profit, and we don’t just say it, we mean it. 


    • Stamping out inequality - Executives and Employees remuneration is visible to all and determined solely on skill and experience not based on gender, belief, ethnicity or sexual orientation. 
    • Reducing the pay gap - Executives agree to cap remuneration at 7x the company mean.
    • Diverse at its core - The business commits to maintaining a diverse workforce, board of directors and board of advisors. 
    • Flexible work = equal opportunity - Support a fully flexible workforce to work from the office or at home - anywhere in the world.  So that we can hire the best talent regardless of geography. 
    • Fair living wage is not enough - Entry level remuneration will start at 2x the London living wage.
    • 4 day work week! - ESGgen will operate on a 4-day work week (Monday-Thursday) to ensure its people can have a better work-life balance. 
    • The business is the sum of its people - that’s why every employee will receive a share of the company via an Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) option scheme.
    • Time off to rejuvenate - each employee will get 25 holiday days plus statutory holidays. 
  • Other benefits - will be introduced and evolve over time. 
  • Net zero - ESGgen will have net zero C02 emissions by 2030.
  • Reduced water consumption - we will reduce the business’s per capita water consumption by 25% by 2030.

Remuneration / Package  


If the benefits listed above still haven’t got you hooked, a successful candidate will be offered for this role a choice between competitive market salary, equity or a mix thereof. We are open for discussion depending on the candidate's skill level and experience.

About the founding Team 


Daniel Jeczmien, Founder & Chief Exec - Daniel is a successful entrepreneur who recently exited after building it to become the UK's leading rental deposit alternative, a rental fintech. During his time at flatfair Daniel built and managed the company's day to day sales and operations, nurtured a team of nearly 70 employees with double digit million £ revenue per annum. During this time, the company had a number of successful funding rounds securing nearly $20m from the world's most prominent venture capital firms such as Index Ventures, Adevinta and Revolt Ventures. Before that Daniel was a marketing consultant at Google and Criteo and holds a double major B.A. (Business and Marketing) from the IDC Herzliya University in Israel. 


Marc Lepere, Founder and Chief ESG Officer - Marc’s research is in Political Economy. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and serves as a visiting lecturer at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is an Economics graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and holds a Master of Science degree from King’s College London. Marc has published in leading journals including Stanford Social Innovation Review, the Financial Times and Discovering Truth (series 1) which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  Marc has served as Chief Marketing Officer, Havas Worldwide; Executive Vice President, McCann Erickson WorldGroup and Deputy Chairman, Dentsu (EMEA). 

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