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ML / Software Engineer at Stealth-Mode Start-Up

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  • London
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Hey everyone.

So, I've been very passionate about language learning in the past few years. I'm a product manager who worked for Microsoft and Google, but before I got into tech, I worked for Berlitz - the English language education company. I spent 5 years teaching and building products that helped not just learning a language, but transforming lives. One of my most memorable moments is when a previously waiter became a pilot because the program I built and my training helped him learn English and now, at least excluding COVID, he's flying around the world.

There are 1.8 billion learners out there, and no really good, inexpensive solutions out there to help them transform their lives by learning a language - probably English.

So, I went on to solve this problem, and now I lead a bootstrapped start-up, with a small number of closed beta active users. I help them achieve spoken fluency.

And very soon it's going to be time to scale. I can scale some of the stuff, but I know ML is going to be my next challenge, and I have ideas on how to do it too.

If you have a mix of a passion for ed-tech and language, and a strong ML/AI, speech recognition, software engineering background - and you live in the UK.

Let's chat. Who knows? We might end up working together.

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