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Editor and Writer Co-founder at TBD

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My aim is to start a portfolio of content sites. These sites would earn revenue through advertising and affiliate revenue. When it comes to growing website traffic it really comes down to 2 things: SEO & Content. 

I can handle the SEO and content strategy side of things. I am looking for someone to handle the written aspect: writing, editing, and proofreading of content. 

Niches: I have some niches in mind, but open to other ideas.

Ideal person:

- at least 3 years experience in an editor role with a track record of writing quality content.

- able to devote time to this project. No point in being interested and just not having the motivation or the time to build this into something. So no tyre-kickers ;)

- have an interest in building something for themselves as opposed to writing content for their employer all of the time :)

- excellent attention to detail when it comes to research and providing readers with the quality information they need.

- commitment: we want to move fast and the velocity of content production should reflect that (self written or outsourced).

- be prepared to split any ongoing costs such as web design costs, freelance writers, website purchases.

No salary. Sweat equity to start with revenue diverted back into the business to support website(s) growth.

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