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Co-founder/CTO @ Hipidy at Hipidy

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  • London
  • parttime
I am a creative and enthusiastic computer science graduate from King’s who currently has an idea that if built and implemented well would be very groundbreaking and solves a need/problem that faces people regularly.

Me and my partner have already started acquiring customers for the delivery app, what we require now is a brilliant and technically adept programmer that can help us design an MVP and possibly a landing page as well to facilitate the growth


What you will get in return is

- A fair equity share as I own 100% of the company
- The chance to work on the early stages of an innovative new and unique business idea/model
- Absolute independence to work on this at your own rate and speed ergo zero stress/pressure


The salary at the moment is equity only but this will of course change with the in-flow of investments.

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