FLOWN helps people work better. We do this by giving our members tools to focus, and tools to recharge their focus.

Our platform offers a holistic approach, based on all the scientific research into what helps us become more productive, creative and fulfilled.

FLOWN is led by successful serial entrepreneur, Alicia Navarro, founder of Skimlinks (acquired by Connexity April 2020), and backed well-known entrepreneurs and angels such as Greg Marsh (OneFineStay), Taavet Hinrikus (Transferwise), Tom Allason (Shutl).


We're looking for a Product Manager to support the Founder in growing and optimising FLOWN's products. This is a key role within the company, as you'll be responsible for scoping, designing, and delivering new product features.

We're looking for someone who loves the left side of their brain in that they're able to think and plan in a very methodical and analytical way. That said, it's important that you have a deep passion for our vision, and can be the voice of our customers.


Here's some of things you'll be responsible for:

  • Turning the product vision and strategy into a more detailed and actionable product roadmap.
  • Scoping out new product features, liaising closely with internal teams when doing so.
  • Briefing the Design team and overseeing the creation of all UX and UI deliverables. Ensuring all copy and designs have been approved by the Founder.
  • Working closely with the Tech team to oversee the build of all product features, leading on areas that require cross-team collaboration or decisions.
  • Leading on the testing of all new features, recording and managing the resolution of fixes where necessary.
  • Managing all product releases - coordinating tasks, training, and communications across members and internal teams where necessary.
  • Owning and organising the product backlog, ensuring each item has been diagnosed, scoped and spec'ed.
  • Ensuring we are collecting the right data to analyse our performance, and creating dashboards and reporting mechanisms to make data-informed decisions.
  • Regularly speaking to members to gather feedback, and to ensure you are best placed to be their voice within the company.
  • Analysing member usage and feedback to gain insights, and identify common pain points or opportunities to maximise engagement and retention.
  • Staying abreast of other players in the industry - be they competitors, potential new markets, potential partners, products that could inspire us etc.


We think you’ll need the following experience in order to succeed in the role:

  • Analysing data and drawing insights.
  • Working in product role, or experience having worked very closely with product teams.
  • Working in a fast-paced, early-stage business.
  • Managing projects that have multiple deliverables and multiple stakeholders.
  • Working with tech teams and design resources is advantageous.
  • Working for a B2C SaaS company is advantageous.

In addition, here are the core attributes we think you'll need to succeed in the role:

  • Customer mindset - you always think about what's best for members, and obsess over what we could be doing better for members. You are the voice of the member at all times, and you make decisions with this in mind.
  • Analytical - you dig deep to unearth the root cause of problems, you draw insights from data. If member engagement is down one week, you delve into why that is. If there is a bug, you don't stop until you've investigated the cause.
  • Organised, resilient, sound judgment - you thrive in a fast-paced team, can make good decisions independently, prioritise a busy workload, juggle multiple tasks, coordinate others, and work to quick-turnaround deadlines. You are unfazed when there's a lot on your plate or curveballs are thrown your way. 
  • Strong at communicating and building relationships - you adapt your style depending on the audience, and you build strong relationships quickly (with internal teams, and with customers). You rely on these relationships to get the cooperation, buy-in, and support of others.
  • Creative, passionate, resourceful - you think outside the box when faced with a problem, pain point, or challenge. You come up with innovative tactics to delight members, drawing inspiration from a wealth of resources. You're excited by FLOWN's mission and curious about deep work and flow states.


We want to practice what we preach, and build a company and team that works creatively and productively. Here are some of the benefits you'll gain from this role:

  • Scope and influence - you're joining the founding team and will be involved in shaping our product, what we do, and how we work.
  • A focus on deep work - we exist to support deep work among our members, so we support our staff in developing their own distraction-free deep work practice.
  • A strong team - we are led by a proven CEO & Founder, and the rest of the team is equally highly experienced. We also have a high-calibre of investors with a good amount of member traction already.
  • Fully dispersed, flexible working - we are a remote-first company, and we've got lots of perks, tools and processes to make sure that works for everyone. We encourage individuals to establish working hours that enable them to work as productively as possible, and we understand that everyone needs a work/life balance.
  • Team socials - we get together regularly to collaborate and have fun. We also embed virtual activities and other surprises into our working days.