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CTO with blockchain experience at spplitt

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  • London
  • freelance

spplitt wants to help businesses reduce operating expenses and give workers more freedom in the new economy. There is an exciting opportunity that the new normal of remote and hybrid work has created.

We are adding a blockchain capability to our platform. We are looking for a CTO with blockchain and tokenization experience and knowledge. Details below:

Ability to create a decentralized identity wallet for the gig economy
Spurring social commerce by working in block chain and SSI. 
Tokenizing skill sets
Decentralizing talent

We need the platform to:

1. Connect to digital wallet infrastructure
2. It should accept w3c verifiable standards
3. Dispense / download mob apps
4. API to connect to public goods or sources to verify
5. Backend integration with an issuer and verifier
6. QR or another modality to verify

In addition:

  1. Front and back end mobile stack knowledge

  2. Blockchain and crypto knowledge

  3. Self Sovereign Identity platform

  4. Verifiable Credentials

  5. Beckn protocol knowledge

  6. Middleware knowledge

  7. Cloud hosting / SAAS knowledge

We prefer someone based in UK who has a firm grip in decentralization technologies, Web3, blockchain, SSI, open source, public digital goods, mobile front end and backend technologies. Exposure to a start up ecosystem like conceptualization, build up from 0 to MVP would be an added advantage
We believe 2 major factors will disrupt the current gig model. 1. De-centralizing and empowering gig workers with real-time identity, credentials, data privacy and governance requirements 2. De-centralization of e-commerce for the SME segment. These will bring tremendous changes in current gig markets including how gig workers operate and last mile deliveries.

Please contact us for more details and any questions

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