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Customer Success Manager - Japan at Bepro Company

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  • Tokyo
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    About Us

    Bepro helps football teams win games, develop themselves, and move forward to the next level through an AI-based fixed camera solution and video/data analytics software. As a part of a young and ambitious team, you will experience how technology can change results and help shape the future of sports. Ultimately, this technology and data will not only influence the result of games but also completely redefine the major sports industry landscapes such as player recruitment/scouts or broadcasting media.

    Our customer base consists of over 700 teams around the world including Europe's top leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A. We're showing no signs of slowing down this pace. We are all excited to become "Google at sports" in the long run.

    Thanks to this technology and achievement, we have raised funds from Altos Ventures (A VC in Silicon Valley), Softbank Ventures, KT, and Naver. 

    Please have a look at our landing page and the playlist "Bepro Technology" to get to know Bepro better

    About The Role

    The main purpose of Bepro’s service is all about providing solutions for the customers. To make this happen, we believe in such a simple principle. “Listen - Plan - Solve”.

    ‘Customer Success Team’ in Bepro is the first solution partners for the process. There are various fields which customer’s voices are coming from such as problem solving in network, camera system areas or user education in order to enable them to use Bepro services at the best level. It does not mean that you have to be an expert developer or an engineer for this position, but you do need a passion to face the task.

    The position can be compared to ‘midfielders’ in a football game. Can you manage and solve the issue by yourself? Great! Is the issue something that’s beyond your role? Don’t worry! Handing over the issue to the right person at the right time and eventually solving it is as important as solving it by yourself.

    Through this role, you can feel a sense of accomplishment by representing the solutions to the customers which will not only take the customers to the next level but also for the company as well.

    You're Excited About This Role Because You Will

    • Be the one who solves customer’s inconvenience which can be a great clue for the company to provide a better service.
    • Experience various kinds of issues and be the solution partner for the customers


    • Consider the issues from the customers and manage it.
    • Connecting the issues to the right person who can solve it if it requires certain professional skills.
    • Support the process of the camera system installation & maintenance.


    • Fluent in English and Japanese.
    • Ability to think strategically, plan the process to solve problems.
    • IT technology literacy. Familiar with learning and using new IT tools and technologies.


    “Please do mind that this is a ‘preferences’. If you have it, nice! If you don’t have it, it’s not a big deal!”

    • Experience in any of the following positions
      • IT support.
      • Customer Success
      • Infrastructure/Network support
      • Telecommunication engineer
      • Software QA
      • Any position requiring an IT literacy skill sets
    • High understanding of any of the following skill sets
      • Software
        • Knowledge in IT product architecture
        • Literacy in any programming languages (ex. Python) or database (SQL)
        • Computer Network: If you have heard of the following keywords
          • Network layers
          • IP address, DHCP
          • Switch, Router
          • Network ports
      • Hardware
        • IP camera installation and management
        • Electrical cable and wiring
    • A sports fan.

    Company Culture/Philosophies

    Be Pro at your work based on responsibility & freedom.

    We have the following beliefs and would like to keep fostering them in daily working life as our principles.

    • Professionalism: We believe all of our colleagues are professionals and the best way to collaborate with professionals is to let them manage themselves based on trust and autonomy.
    • Responsibility: Freedom requires high standards of responsibility.
    • Delegation: We delegate enough authorities to our members so that they can show their creativities and perform better.
    • Essence: We set up the best environment for our members to concentrate on the job by eliminating any non-essential works.
    • Meritocracy: All members are recognized by their abilities and performances based on clear targets/goals.
    • Extremely open-minded, transparent, sincere communication: We pursue an extremely open-minded, transparent, sincere and honest communication culture. Information should flow so that all members can know what's happening in the company. At the same time, all members should be willing to accept honest feedback and seek the truth in order to achieve our goals and develop themselves.
    • Growth-oriented: We are working together with growth-oriented people. All of us want to develop ourselves at the same time as the company is growing.
    • Teamwork & Community-centered Mindset: We are working together as a team. Teamwork and a community-centered mindset are more important than their abilities. Strong teamwork is created from the responsibility of their own role and thoughtful consideration of their teammates.
    • Execution Ability: Done is better than perfect. We are never afraid of making mistakes and learn lessons out of it. Action first and see how it goes.
    • Work enables us to reach self-realization: Work is more than just a way to maintain a livelihood. We believe people can feel joy and be rewarded in their job as long as they are in a proper working environment.

    With those philosophies, we have the following policies.

    • Flexible commute time, home office, and vacation policy.
    • Complete delegation of authorities of each work and regular performance feedback.
    • Full insurances and social pensions.
    • Provide devices for work.
    • More to come..

    Office Location

    • Ryozan Park Otsuka 509, 3 Chome-36-7 T&T Building, Minamiotsuka, Toshima, Tokyo.
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