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CFO Co-founder for eco-friendly startup


The startup


Are you passionate about tech and also want to save the planet? Then keep on reading...


We are an early stage startup with a cool idea to revolutionize tech ownership and expand the circular economy. We would discuss the idea fully once we have a few chats.

Full disclosure would require an NDA (though not immediately). This would be a standard template NDA, nothing unusual. 


We have run a successful marketing campaign to prove there is a market for our idea.

This business has potentially multiple channels, B2B and B2C and the market for this type of business is just in its infancy, so we see a lot of room to grow. If executed correctly, the business can be a unicorn. 


Initial discussions would be about us and you and seeing if we are a good fit.

The process would involve collaboration for 3 - 6 months before we take any decision on equity. This is an equity only position until we are funded.


Our backgrounds are technical and business dev, though our goal here is to work mainly on the business.


Our business model requires a lot of capital to scale, so we are intending to raise multiple rounds in the next coming years. Easily a £100M valuation in 5-7 years.

About You


You are a RELIABLE person.

A natural self-starter and confident with sales/pithing/raising money.

We would like to work with someone who has been through the process of creating and growing an incipient startup (not mandatory). 

Our future team member

Looking for someone who will be as excited as us about the idea and about 


Experience in fundraising (critical!)

Connected to VCs and angel investors

Entrepreneurship experience

Has been part of a core team in a fintech startup or from a VC/investment banking environment

Debt Financing/Fintech/Investment banking background

Experience with financial modelling and valuations


20+ hours commitment (while keeping your job)

Based in London - must be in commutable range for meetings

The role is not set in stone. We are open to suggestions within reasonable terms.


Nice To Have

Credit/risk portfolio management

Keen interest in the circular economy

Experience with FCA - Can deal with legal complexities 


Like all co-founder situations, we feel it’s not just the skills, but most importantly a shared vision. 


You will have the chance to

Pitch to investors/ raise money for the business

Have input into our financial model

Be involved in the FCA approval process

Come up with ideas to improve the business

How we will work together


We are flexible, so we hope you are as well :)

We keep our meetings in the evening, from 7-8pm. Usually we have 3-5 meetings per week (also during the weekend).


Next Steps


Please send a short description of your previous fundraising/pitching and startup experience and something fun/positive about you or working with you on a project.

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