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Marketing Advertising Superstar at Reyooz

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  • London & remote
  • fulltime
  • ₤25000 - ₤30000 per year
  • -
  • We're looking for someone who can smash it across organic marketing and paid ads.

    They’d need to be in love with sustainability, champions out to save the world. No compromises, no prisoners, no mercy.

    You’ve heard the stories about Amazon throwing new iPads out the back door - that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is sickening. 

    Companies in the UK trash about 1000 tonnes of awesome stuff every day. At a guess that stuff cost about £20k per tonne, and it all goes into the skip and off to landfill or incinerators. Yes that’s £20m per day… ok halve it. Still crazy.

    It gets worse. They pay people to do it. It’s madness on coke. We setup a business to stop the madness. We live at

    We said what if we took all that stuff you’re wasting and we gave it to people who need it? We’ll charge you the same as you pay to trash it, except it won’t get trashed. We’ll find it a new home. It’s obvious, it has to happen.

    We might sell it silly cheap - think £20 for a £600 chair. We also give stuff away to charities and schools. Whatever happens, we make sure it doesn't get wasted and we find it a new home.

    Our mission is zero waste. That doesn't mean we dont make money - we do, by doing the right thing. It's part of what's being called the Circular Economy. We’re overwhelmed with big clients who love what we do, we can’t grow fast enough to cope with demand. Folk like Microsoft, Google, UCL, Starling Bank, Allianz and hundreds more.

    We need a superstar to help us scale our e-commerce side. You need to know how to spin up campaigns in Google Ads, and FB of course. You can put together simple reports from GA so we can see the simple numbers. You need the hard skills.

    You’ve got ideas bursting out of you, you’re inspired on the train and have to stop at a Taylor St Baristas to bang out a blog post. You want an opportunity to be that person that blew it up at AirBnB, the first dedicated marketing hire at HubSpot. We'd like to scale up our user base by 15x in 2022, can you help us achieve that?

    We’re a good team, we work remote and get together in London often. We slack 24/7. What you’ll get from us is support. If you want to fly we’re here to give you everything you need to soar. 

    Money we can pay about £25-30k or the equivalent freelance day rate. We’d like to do that for 90 days and then we’re either all in love or we call it a day. If it's love then you’re in the power seat and time to flex your nogitating muscles. 

    We’ve also got a decent budget for paid ads or videos, photo shoots etc. Sell the value and we’ll fund the winners. 

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