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Personal Growth Partner at M&M Consultancy

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Please read the job description, maybe this is not what you are looking for, I will not answer to your application if the requirements below are not met properly ... This is not for M&M Consultancy

First of all, Happy New Year 🌲🥳🎊🎉

I am looking for a partner who strives for prosperity and wants to build 🦄 and become🦄 and wants to have fun along the way.


My name is Miraskar, LinkedIn -> Miraskar Mirakhmedov, founder of Gregfins and Gett Me Taxi, and also investor/co-founder at, I have also been involved in several other ventures, some have worked, some have failed, I am also a small crypto investor, I am a workaholic, I like to create innovative solutions that can have a huge impact on solving global problems and can change human behaviour in this industry, I'm more interested in SuperApps and Marketplaces.

All 3 products are due to launch this year, q1/q2.

  • Gregfins - waiting for FCA approval, the product is ready to launch, a team of 12 people, pre-seed raised, raising seed.
  • Gett Me Taxi - building the product and currently fundraising (pre-seed), a team of 9 (mostly part-time)
  • - building the product, due to launch by March, a team of 7 people. 


I have knowledge in all areas of business, I do not have the concept of “I don’t know”, if I don’t know something, I will get up, learn and complete a task or solve the problem, and I am looking for someone similar with whom I can share my journey as a professional partner, like a power couple, on good days and bad.

As you know, nowadays you need to advertise yourself a lot as a founder if you want to reach a much higher level, attend events and meet people or make public speeches, meet with investors and partners and at the same time, do hands-on work, such like operations, management, product development/testing, quality control, user interface validation, document signing, strategy thinking, vision, company vision, hiring, motivating the team and more.

So it is indeed very tiring and my concentration is all around, even though I am a very organised person (a bit ocd), and that’s why I am looking for someone with who I could share the responsibility for all ventures, and also grow together as partners, that said, of course, I will be sharing the % from the companies across and £ of what I am receiving across ventures. 


As the products are not launched yet and we are not generating any revenue, I am not receiving any salary right now or profits from the revenue, so, you need to be able to sustain yourself for time being, latest until June 2022.

Your strong side should be personal branding, sales, marketing, fundraising, corporate law is always beneficial, copywriting, you need to be able to help me to grow me as a brand, and the companies, like a mentor or coach but more involved (hands-on) than them, we will be managing me and companies together, and also invest and open new ventures together and I am struggling alone to achieve the goals faster, I will achieve them one way or another, but having someone smarter than me on my side would help and we could grow together.


I don’t know if anyone will be interested in joining, but it’s worth trying.  

If you are applying as a partner please put “partner” on your application, if you want to help as a mentor/coach/psychologist and so on, because you see the potential then please put “help”, everyone will be remunerated one way or another. 

If you have your own startup/business and want us to be friends to exchange the experience and meet up sometimes for coffee and talk then just message me on LinkedIn. I am based in London.


Thank you all for reading my ad and looking forward to meeting you.

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