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The Great Resignation.... at Work

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Hey Hey,


Hope everyone had a lovely new years!

Thanks for clicking on the ad, much appreciated! 

So, We run a TikTok channel(I know I know) and we would love a presenter/non-presenter to work with. Someone Who wants to be on this journey with us, be it front-facing, or someone behind the scenes. 

In essence, we have/try to engage with Londoners with a varied amount of topics. And for us at the moment, content that has depth is far more important, than anything else. Such as talks about climate change, to food, to their grandmothers..Nothing raunchy, nor are we looking for likes from pre-teens. Cheap Content like that belongs in the gutter of social media. 

Londoners don't share their stories enough, nor their opinions in matters that literally affect us. But we want to go deep. and have fun with it. 

We currently do it ourselves, but looking for someone we feel who we could roam the streets of London with, and have a laugh whilst doing it. 

This is a project of growth, and to learn how we(yes including you) can grow this. 

The requirements are; 

-Someone who wants to bring genuinely exciting content to the world, and understanding that bringing out stories is difficult and with the right effort and continuous amounts of mistakes, we can get there!

-You can't be shy(Should you wish to be front facing if that is)-LOL I assume we're all shy to some degree, but we're all going to be out of out comfort zones here, as long as you're aware of this, then that's perfect!

-Willing to try and take risks here. At the end of the day this is a project whereby we see a lot of growth and excitement. So the way in which you're keen to speak to people, about topics which we will cover. 


Now with all that good stuff out of the way; If this excites you as much as it excites us, then let's hear from you. Be it one line, or a million lines, we want to hear from you. Any questions you may have, do also pop them over, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Final cheeky request, if you know anyone who might fancy this, feel free to share this to anyone, and everyone. 

All the best!

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